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World Games (K-1 rules)

World games 2017 125Name of Event:  World Games (K-1 rules)
Wako rang: IWGA
Date:   24-28. July 2017.
Country:  Poland
City: Wroclaw
Venue: TBC
Promoter: IWGA
Website:  www.theworldgames.org
Phone number: +38163289322

Dear WAKO members,

For the first time in history WAKO will participate as invitational sport in the WORLD GAMES, that will take place in the city of Wroclaw, Poland, on 20-30 July 2017.
For the next edition in 2021 WAKO aims to participate as a full sport.
As President of WAKO I am pleased to communicate some practical information to you about this important event.

Please read carefully the enclosed document.

Best regards,

Prof. Borislav Pelević, Ph. D.
WAKO President


TOP TEN Official Supplier in World Games 2017

We are pleased to inform you that TOP TEN has been chosen as Official Supplier Partner for Kickboxing during the IWGA World Games to be held in Wroclaw, Poland, from 24th to 28th July 2017.

Only TOP TEN equipment and clothing will be used during the K1 competitions.
top ten


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IWGA 2017 K1 425

WAKO Cadets & Juniors European Championships (All disciplines)

Name of Event:  WAKO Cadets & Juniors European Championships (All disciplines)
Wako rang: WAKO
Date:   2.-10. September 2017.
Country:  Macedonia
City: Skopje
Venue: Sporthall "BORIS TRAJKOVSKI"
Promoter: Kickboxing Federation of Macedonia
Website:  www.wakomacedonia.com.mk
Phone number: +389 77 88 68 72 , +389 702 22 322

To: WAKO Europe members

Dear friends,

It is my pleasure and great honor to invite you to take part in WAKO Cadet and Junior European Championships in all disciplines that will be held in Skopje, FYROM MACEDONIA from 2nd to 10th September, 2017.

All necessary information about the event you can find in Official Invitation and also on both WAKO Europe and WAKO IF web pages.

According to WAKO rules and regulations the eligibility for the participation is reserved only to WAKO National Federation/Association members.

Please, read carefully all information and if you need any assistance don't hesitate to contact us.
I would also just like to remind you that the General Assembly of WAKO Europe will also take place during the championships, further information will be sent to you in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to see you all in Skopje!

With best regards,

Mr. Roy Baker
WAKO Europe Acting President


    Official Invitation Letter WAKO Cadet and Junior Europan Championship
    WAKO Liability Waiver 2017
    WAKO Questionnaire 2017

 WAKO EC Macedonia 2017 425

Diamond World Cup (WAKO World Cup) (Official WAKO Referee Worlds/Europeans)

Name of Event:  Diamond World Cup (WAKO World Cup) (Official WAKO Referee Worlds/Europeans)
Wako rang: A
Date:   20.-24. September 2017.
Country:  Russia
City: Anapa
Venue: Sporthall LOK "Vityaz"
Promoter: Rishat Sayapov
Website:  www.worldcupdiamond.com
Phone number: +791 775 200 70

For all necessary details about the WAKO Diamond World Cup please find below attached:

- Official invitation
- Accommodation Form
- Visa Form

For registration online: www.sportdata.org 


or www.worldcupdiamond.com

Diamond cup Anapa 2017 425

WAKO K1 European Cup 2017

Name of Event:  WAKO K1 European Cup 2017
Wako rang: B
Date:   27.-30. September 2017.
Country:  Czech Republic
City:  Prague
Venue: Hotel Step sport centrum, Malletova 1141
Promoter: Czech Full contact Union
Website:  www.k-1.cz
Phone number: +420604394049

Flanders International Kickboxing Cup

Name of Event:  Flanders International Kickboxing Cup
Wako rang: B
Date:  7.-8. October 2017.
Country:  Belgium
City: Beveren Waas
Venue: Sporthal "De Meerminnen"
Promoter: De Block Marc
Website:  www.contact-karate-beveren.be
Phone number: +32 486 49 14 69

Flanders international kickboxing cup 2017 425

Scandinavian Open 2017

Name of Event:  Scandinavian Open 2017
Wako rang: C
Date:   13.-14. October 2017.
Country:  Norway
City: Oslo
Venue: Bjolsenhallen
Promoter: Daimi Akin
Website:  www.scandinavianopen.no
Phone number: +47 90518861

Czech-Open for Tatami Sports

Name of Event:  Czech-Open for Tatami Sports
Wako rang: C
Date:   13.-14. October 2017.
Country:  Czech Rep.
City: Prague
Venue: Arena Sparta Prague Hall
Promoter: Miroslav Sobotka
Website:  http://www.czech-open.eu/page/sports-hall
Phone number:

34st Slovenia Open 2017

Name of Event:  34st Slovenia Open 2017
Wako rang: A
Date:  4. November 2017.
Country: Slovenia 
City: Zagorje ob Savi
Venue: City Sport Hall Zagorje
Promoter: Alen Vozelj
Website:  www.pdk-zagorje.si
Phone number: +386 51 482 487

further info cooming soon

WAKO Senior World Championships (Point Fighting - Full contact - Kick Light - Musical Forms)

Name of Event:  WAKO Senior World Championships  (Point Fighting - Full contact - Kick Light - Musical Forms)
Wako rang: WAKO
Date:   4.-12. November 2017.
Country:  Hungary
City: Budapest
Venue: TBC
Promoter: WAKO Hungary


Dear WAKO Family,

Please be kindly informed that this year's WAKO World Championships will be held in Budapest, Hungary for ALL DISCIPLINES (for Seniors and Masters) from 4th to 12th November, 2017.

More information is coming very soon regarding accommodation, registration and more!

Best regards,

Peter Galambos
President of WAKO Hungary

WAKO WC Budapest 2017 425

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