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Scandinavian Open 2021

Name of Event:  Scandinavian Open 2021
Wako rang: C
Date:   27. - 28. August 2021.
Country:  Norway
City: Oslo
Venue: Bjolsenhallen
Promoter: Daimi Akin
Website:  www.fighter.org  www.scandinavianopen.no 
Phone: +47 90518861

Scandinavian Open 2021

Place: Bjolsenhallen, Norway

Dates: 27th-28th August 2021

For all necessary information about the event please download the brochure here below attached.

Brochure - Scandinavian open 2021

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Konya 2021

Name of Event:  5th Islamic Solidarity Games 2021 (LK, FC, PF)
Wako rang: WAKO IF
Date:   10. - 19. September 2021.
Country:  Republic of Turkey
City: Konya
Promoter: Wako
Website:  www.wako.sport 

WAKO Member states recognized by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

To the kind attention of:
Presidents and General Secretaries

Dear Sirs,

By the present, after several months of work, I am delighted to inform you of the great opportunity for your federation to participate with a national team in the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games, that will take place under the IOC patronage in Konya, Republic of Turkey, from 10th to 19th September 2021, for the Disciplines of Low Kick – Full Contact – Point Fighting. I would like to thank in particular Salim Kayici, WAKO IF Vice President, for his engagement and energy to enable the sport of Kickboxing to be included in this prestigious event.

This is a Senior Male / Female competition, open to WAKO affiliated and fully compliant member states, currently recognised by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Member States: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Member_states_of_the_Organisation_of_Islamic Cooperation

Please find herewith enclosed the notice of inclusion from the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation and the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games Organising Committee addressed to all National Olympic Committees of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Member States.

Moreover you can find the participation form to be used to register your team to the Games that shall be sent to: NOT LATER THAN JULY 31st, 2020.

I remind you that following WAKO rules and regulations the eligibility for the participation to these Games is reserved only to WAKO national Federation/Association members that have fulfilled all their members’ obligations in that year (including payment of the annual affiliation fee to WAKO IF).

We also encourage you without delay to contact the National Olympic Committee in your country. Hopefully with their support you can attend this important event, with your respective teams.
For further information about financial conditions, logistics etc. please contact: .

Best regards,

Roy Baker
WAKO President

For all necessary information about the event please download the brochure here below attached.

Islamic Cooperation
Participation Form

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WAKO World Cup 2021, Hungary

Name of Event:  WAKO World Cup 2021, Hungary
Wako rang: WAKO World Cup
Date:   16. - 19. September 2021.
Country:  Hungary
City: Budapest
Venue: Bok hall (former syma hall)
Istvan Kiraly, Zsolt Moradi, Krisztian Jaroszkievicz, Gabor Juhas
Website:  www.hungarianworldcup.hu
Phone:  +36 30 278 4580

››› Confirmed Date: 16-19 September 2021

››› Central Location at the Heart of Europe in Budapest, Hungary

››› Special ACCOMMODATION & TRANSPORTATION Prices on https://www.welltravel.hu/booking

››› Gender Equality Approved Tournament - Equal Money Prizes

››› Comfort World Cup - Participant-Friendly Tournament

››› More Information on https://www.facebook.com/HungarianWorldCup

Dear WAKO Friends,

Not so long ago, it seemed impossible due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but now it has become reality: after skipping one long year, we are able to organize once more the Budapest WAKO Kickboxing World Cup in 2021.

The time lost due to the pandemic was quite a lot and it was a difficult period for everyone to be without competitions. However, we were hoping that the time would come when we could welcome the best kickboxers of the world in the Hungarian capital once again.

This will be the 26th World Cup and for the fifth year in a row, Budapest is the host. The Hungarian Kickboxing Federation is happy and proud to host the first World Cup after the pandemic. We will do our best to organize an unforgettable and high-quality competition for the participating athletes, coaches and spectators.

I can assure you that we always keep safety in mind and we will pay maximum attention to the health risks as well. We hope that our competition will help prepare for the world championship, and that everyone can preserve their health while gaining competitive experience.

We are preparing a high-quality, well-organized World Cup in Budapest that complies fully with the COVID protocol. We hope that as many of you as possible will come to Budapest. Let us make this a great competition together! We are looking forward to welcoming you here!

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Peter Galambos

President of WAKO Hungary

THE PROMOTERS & ORGANISERS of the Hungarian Kickboxing World Cup

Mr. Istvan KIRALY – Acting President of WAKO Europe & Vice President of WAKO Hungary

Mr. Gabor JUHASZ – Vice President of WAKO Hungary

Mr. Krisztian JAROSZKIEVICZ – World Combat Games Champion & 9 times senior WAKO World Champion

Mr. Zsolt MORADI – Chairman of WAKO IF Athletes Committee & 10 times senior WAKO World Champion

For all necessary information about the event please download the brochure here below attached.

Invitation brochure 


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Balkan Open 2021

Name of Event:  Balkan Open 2021
Wako rang: C
Date:   25. September 2021.
Country:  Bosnia and Hercegovina
City: Tesanj
Venue: Tesanj
Promoter:  Alija Ogrić

Website:  www.wakobalkanopen.com 
Phone:  +387 61791680

 Promo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=026dfjEHQnA 

Official invitation letter download

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Flanders International Kickboxing Cup 2021

Name of Event:  Flanders International Kickboxing Cup 2021
Wako rang: B
Date:   25. - 26. September 2021.
Country:  Belgium
City: Beveren Waas
Venue: Sporthall KA Atheneum, Donkvijverstraat 30 Beveren, Belgium  ( It is 500 meter from original hall )
Promoter: De Block Marc

Website:  https://www.contact-karate-beveren.be/ 
Phone:  com +32 486 49 14 69

 The World series tournament will be held on 25 - 26 of september 2021

 The addres this year because of covid is

 Sporthall KA Atheneum
 Donkvijverstraat 30 Beveren

 It is 500 meter from original hall .

 For all detais see sportdata

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Mr Istvan Kiraly WAKO Europe Acting President

Srđan Bugarčić
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