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Last edit  March 2019

Irish Open International 2019 (WAKO World Cup) (Official WAKO Referee Worlds/Europeans)

Name of Event:  Irish Open International 2019 (WAKO World Cup)
                                (Official WAKO Referee Worlds/Europeans)
Wako rang: World Cup
Date:   1. - 3. March 2019.
Country:  Ireland
City: Dublin
Venue: Citywest Conference Centre
Promoter: Roy Baker
Website:  www.irishopenonline.com 
Phone: +353876775614

Point Fighting, Light Contact, Dull Contact, K1 Rules, Musical Forms Tournament
Location: CityWest Hotel, Dublin
Weighing beginning on Feb. 28th

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International Turkish Open Kickboxing European Cup

Name of Event:  International Turkish Open Kickboxing European Cup
Wako rang: A
Date:   4. - 7. April 2019.
Country:  Turkey
City:  Antalya
Venue: Kervansaray Lara Convention Center
Promoter: Salim Kayici            
Website:  www.turkishopenonline.com

Phone: +90 532 277 0793

Sportdata link to event

The 4th International Turkish Open Kickboxing European Cup is to be held in Antalya, Turkey from 4-7 April 2019. The registration is still open for just a short time longer at Sportdata.org. Please register your athletes and send us an email to book your hotel for the event.
The tournament will take place at the Kervansaray Lara Convention Center. This is a FULL BOARD all-inclusive official hotel event. It is located right on the seaside so be prepared for enjoying the sea and the mountain view. Please contact us at or +90 535 019 15 69.
We are confident that you will have a wonderful time in sunny Antalya and you will leave happy that you got away for the weekend!



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WAKO REFEREE ACADEMY 2019 - Bansko, Bulgaria

!!! extended deadline for registration till 30/06/2019!!!

3rd edition of WAKO referee training event


Dear WAKO friends!

We would like to inform you that the registration deadline for WAKO Referee Academy 2019 in Bansko, Bulgaria, is extended till 30th of June!
Here below you can find the official invitation, the brochure and the updated application form.

Hereby we officially invite your referees to participate in the 3rd edition of WAKO referee training event which will take place 18-22 of July in Bansko, Bulgaria. This year the event is organized in an upgraded format as WAKO REFEREE ACADEMY – ring and tatami styles together!

The trainings will be lead: for tatami by Mr. Brian Beck and Mrs. Gina Engelhardt, for ring by Mr. Yuri Lakhtikov and Mr. Sami Savo.
WAKO will be also represented by Mr. Romeo Desa as Chairman of the WAKO Technical Committee.

The event is open for WAKO international referees and for national referees too. This year we will apply a new training methodology and will divide the learning process into two flows – beginners and advanced.

We are sure your referees will get great benefit in Bansko, they will upgrade there their professional skills as a necessary presumption for higher refereeing quality in your countries, but at WAKO official international events as well – WAKO needs good referees!

All information is in the brochure and application form enclosed.

Please send the filled in application form till 16th of June to the organizing committee, contacts as below:

Denitsa Milenkova – WAKO Bulgaria event manager, mob. +359888774700

Ivan Georgiev – WAKO Bulgaria event manager, mob.+359888770203

e-mai :

Detailed information you can get directly from WAKO Bulgaria event managers.







Point Fighting Summer Camp 2019

Training with 9 Wako World Champions
Csongrad, Hungary

More info on brochure:

Page 1

Page 2

An event organized by the Kiraly Team
Infos: , tel. +36 306244332

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Golden Glove 2019

Name of Event:  Golden Glove (WAKO European Cup)
Wako rang: B
Date:   19. - 21. January 2019.
Country:  Italy
City: Venice
Venue: Conegliano (TV)
Promoter: Luca Terrin
Phone: +39414174712  /  +39 328 8612287


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Name of Event:  Karlovac Open (WAKO European Cup)
Wako rang: B
Date:   8. - 10. February 2019.
Country:  Croatia
City: Karlovac
Venue: SPORT HALL “ MLADOST", Rakovac bb
Promoter: Zoran Cicvara
Website: www.tigarkarlovac.hr
Phone: +385 91 4460020

European Cup, February 2019 8th - 10th

Online registration: www.sportdata.org/kickboxing

Information: www.tigarkarlovac.hr

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The Austrian Classics 2019 (WAKO World Cup) (Official WAKO Referee Worlds/Europeans)

Name of Event:  The Austrian Classics 2019 (WAKO World Cup)
(Official WAKO Referee Worlds/Europeans)
Wako rang: World Cup
Date:   12. - 14. April 2019.
Country:  Austria
City: Innsbruck
Venue: Olympic hall - Innsbruck
Promoter: Michael/Peter Kruckenhauser
Website:  www.austrian-classics.at
Phone: +436765049549

Promoter: Österreichischer Bundesfachverband für Kick- und Thaiboxen
A-9020 Klagenfurt
Ehrentalerstraße 21

Informations (more to come soon)

Office hrs: MO-FR 9-13.00
T +43 (0) 0463 / 420 024
F +43 (0) 0463 / 420 025



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Slovak Open 2019 - Memorial of Ladislav "Doky" Tóth

Name of Event:  Slovak Open 2019 - Memorial of Ladislav "Doky" Tóth
Wako rang: C
Date:   15.- 17. February 2019.
Country:  Slovakia
City: Bratislava
Promoter: Zoran Cicvara
Website:  www.slovak-kickboxing.sk

Official invitation letter

 The WAKO International kickboxing tournament SLOVAK OPEN 2019 - Memorial of Ladislav "DOKY" Toth - has arrived to its 20th anniversary.
It will be held in BRATISLAVA 15th-17th of February 2019.
SLOVAK OPEN 2018 successfully hosted record numbers 945 starts from 90 clubs and 11 countries, and we assume that this year will bring more fighters.
In the attached Official invitation You can find all necessary informations.
DEADLINE FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION, at www.slovak-open.sk, is February 13th 2019.
For any help, please do not hesitate to contact us or follow our website www.slovak-open.sk
Facebook: Slovak OPEN Memorial of Ladislav "Doky" Toth

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Athens Challenge 2019

Name of Event:  Athens Challenge
Wako rang: A
Date:   2 - 3. February 2019.
Country: Greece
City: Athens
Venue: Olympic Tae Kwon Do Arena
Promoter: Nikos Memmos
Website: www.athenschallenge.com
Phone: +693 6852080

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Further information soon ...

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Mr Istvan Kiraly WAKO Europe Acting President

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