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WAKO EC - 5th, last day

Last day of WAKO European Championships for seniors in disciplines point fighting, light contact, kick light and musical forms in Maribor, Slovenia, finished all final fights and team fights, also.

At the evening again was organized gala with 6 final fights (two in each discipline) and with very interested program which is watched this time by more than 2,000 spectators.


Before gala, referee committee and chief referees chose best fighters in each discipline, as follows:

Best fighters in:

- point fighting - female: PETRA LONČAR (Croatia)

- point fighting  - male: MARC McDERMOT (Ireland)

- light contact - female: GAYNOR MORGAN (Great Britain)

- light contact - male: DAMIANO TRAMONTANA (Italia)

- kick light  - female: VERONIKA CMAROVA (Slovakia)

- kick light - male: MUKREMIN GULER (Turkey)

- musical forms - female: INNA BERESTOVAYA (Russia)

- musical forms - male: KEVIN CETOUT (France)

Also, Organizing committee and chief referee chose best referees:

- best referee - female:GINA ENGELHARDT-AUÉ (Netherland)

- best referee - male: MITKO KOSTADINOV (Bulgaria)

All other results (official, medal table, best nation team, ect.) will be prepared and published on this web page soon.


Photos from 5th day are in gallery, on this link
Also, there are some photos from antidoping control, link is here

Text and photos by Romeo Deša

WAKO EC - 4th day

Fourth day of WAKO European Championships for seniors in disciplines point fighting, light contact, kick light and musical forms finished first part of final fights

At the evening was organized gala with 6 final fights (two in each discipline) and with very interested program which is watched by more than 1,500 spectators.

All photos from 4th day are here


Text and photos by Romeo Deša

WAKO EC - 3rd day

Third day of WAKO European Championships for seniors in disciplines point fighting, light contact, kick light and musical forms finished all semi finals, and second half of musical forms (soft and hard styles with weapon).  Friday will be on program first group of finals.

At the evening, in front of more than 150 coaches, referees and WAKO Europe officials, Mr. Kristof Szucs, Integrity Advisor from Sportaccord gave a very interesting lecture on the topic: Corruption in sport - fight against mach fixing.

All photos from 3rd day are here


Text and photos by Romeo Deša

WAKO EC - 2nd day

Second day of WAKO European Championships for seniors in disciplines point fighting, light contact, kick light and musical forms finished all 1/8 and 1/4 finals, and first half of musical forms (soft and hard open hand styles - without weapon).  Thursday will be on program all semi finals.

Photos from second day are in gallery on this link

Text and photos by Romeo Deša

second day photo

WAKO European Championship started today

In Maribor, Slovenia, today at 11 a.m. started second part of WAKO European Championships in kickboxing for seniors - in point fighting, light contact, kick light and musical forms. First part in ring disciplines was last October in Bilbao Spain.


On championships in Maribor participates 612 competitors from 35 European countries. This year on European Championships has participated 1092 sportsmen in senior category.

Photos from first day of EC in Maribor are in gallery - link

All actual information, daily programs can be find on this site and on WAKO official web site: www.wakoweb.com

All pools uploaded on this link

The WAKO European Championships live feeds will be available at the following links

Opening Ceremony https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBveFxruS9w
Day 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Cvc6zM5JAg
Day 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u9QStb1cCc
Day 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvztShcBYFA
Day 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0uLi5dwUPA
Day 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6HMwjSLy2Y
Day 5 Night Show Finals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFvLBf4GfKU

Also, more on line information can be find on WAKO Europe facebook profil:


Text and photos by
Romeo Deša
WAKO Organizing Committee



EU kickboxing Championship for ring disciplines was hosted in Bilbao, Spain


       European kickboxing Championships for ring disciplines have just finished. Total score was 480 competitors from 34 countries. Different from what we had all passed years, this Championship presented only ring disciplines, without tatami. The reason was the request from the organizer, because of less time in preparing Championship, to stay only on ring disciplines: full contact, K1 rules and low kick. It was like it passed, but for sure we lacked one tatami.

    First day of competition started with good balance: fights were quite arduous, quality was very high.  Opening ceremony passed quickly with alignment of the participating countries and referees. The show was completed with presenting national sport of Basque region, some kind of power lifting, with one of the strongest man in Basque who was juggling with 200 kg cargo in front all of audience.

   Eliminating fights lasted the second day where we could see couple of good knockouts and high quality performance of fighters. Adrenaline from the rings was spread contagiously on the auditorium. 

   Curiosity of competition was access in the ring of one of the most important persons in organizing this Championship, Miss Anna Isabel Sordo who is the Secretary of Spanish kickboxing organization. Her opponent was Miss Marija Bodac from Croatia, who was better this time. After this challenge in the ring, nothing else left to Anna, than to go back to her administrative tasks.

    Championship lasted five days. It was very successful. Bilbao presented very much of hospitality. We had fantastic hot weather at that time and a host with big heart for all WAKO people.


The best of the best on WAKO European Championship with Mr. Borislav Pelevic, WAKO Europe President and Mr. Espen Lund, WAKO IF Acting President:

Referee: Mr. Zoran Simurina (Serbia)


Low kick female: Maria Domenica Mandolini (Italy), 65 kg

Low kick male: Shamil Gasanbekov (Russia), 71 kg

Full contact female: Hanne Lauslehto (Finland), 52 kg

Full contact male: Gabor Gorbics (Hungary), 63.5 kg

K1 rules female: Alena Muratava (Belorussia), 60 kg

K1 rules male: Sergey Masloboyev (Lithuania), 91 kg

mini-DSC03900 mini-DSC04004

Photo: Judges and referees seminar : Vadim Ukraintchev, Yury Lakhtikov, Borislav Pelevic and Sami Savo.   

Photo: On the seminar.

Text and photos
by Marijana Pelevic

More photos in gallery on this link


Please find here below enclosed UPDATED Results, Pools, Medals table and official Report with numbers of all participants of WAKO Senior European Championships (Ring Sports only) held in Bilbao, Spain, from 18th to 26th October 2014. 

Report with number of participants
All Results
FC Pools
LK Pools
K-1 Pools
FC Medals Table
LK Medals Table
K-1 Medals Table
Medals Table - All


Report on Rimini World Championships 2014

Dear all fantastic kickboxing enthusiasts,

rimini news reportThe World Cadets ad Junior Championships in beautiful Rimini, Italy, has come to an end.
In total 2.056 enthusiastic athletes from 60 countries united to show the power of the youth. Before I say anything else Thank you to the Promoters Gianfranco Rizzi and Barbara Falsoni and their team. Thank you to the Organizing Committee and thank you to all referees and judges. The event was fantastic and the Sport-Hall was just spot on. Even though such a big event the facilities were great and still we had intimacy to strengthen the kickboxing family. Not only the sport-hall was good, the setup, the podium, the medal and trophies were great. When being in a place like Rimini with many small hotels, it is always with some excitement how the logistics will be. The result was good due to precise and great planning. The logistics worked, the food was good and in general, when handling approx 2.500 people I must say I am satisified with the event, in total. We have a job to do to constantly publish the results and to build enthusiasm for those who are not present.
The streaming online was important this year as well and lead to publicity. In total 13.500 people streamed the Championship. It is a great number, but it also tells about the possibility we have using the social media for advertisement. All continents in WAKO were present and some countries as expected, like Russia, Italy, Hungary and Ireland took a big bite of the cake. However, I think it is my duty to also mention those who really produced results, more than expected. 

-Turkey has created a power that few country can match. They control all disciplines and for the first time in history they got a gold in light contact. 
-Mexico was a surprise. They entered with a big team and dominated partly the tatami and especially in Point fighting. Several medals and good performance in the Team Fight show that Mexico will be a dominating country from PanAm. A great team, a infectious enthusiasm and a good spirit.
Looking forward to see them again next year. 
-Bulgaria; What has happened? Suddenly they were all over, producing medals. I was surprised especially in the Point Fighting and in the team fight you saw how good they have become. I will indeed look carefully on their development. Watch out! 
-South Africa; a big team with great athletes. Always giving their best and so very polite in all they do. I really hope we will see more medals from them. Pat, you have a great team 
-Madagascar; I got proud. For the first time gold in a Championship. Not only one, but two. Their team and their President almost «exploded» by the result. Not only that, their fighter in Kick-Light, also received the prize of the best male athlete in Kick-Light.
We know already that Isle of Mauritius produce fantastic athletes, but now Madagascar have merged. Watch out. Congratulations to Briand Andrianirina and his great team. 
-Oceania; New Zealand sent a great team and I was indeed surprised to see the team from Australia. From many years we have missed their participation. Great to have you with us and I really hope that you got inspired from this event.

In short; WAKO have a great future! May I congratulate all the athletes and the medalists in particular. When seeing the faces of victory and the joy of winning, I get proud. When observing the dissapointment in their losses, whether is in the final or in the eliminiations, I get emotional and it shows the dedication and the love for the sport, even for 10 year old cadets. My advise for all those who are dissapointed – learn from it. It will make you a winner. You are all winners as you all show sportsmanship. Coming up - the European Championships in Bilbao, see you there!

Espen Lund
WAKO Acting President

Best fighters and referees at Rimini World Championships 2014

Best Fighter Awards

rimini news 2014Point Fighting
Male: Grigory Langavyy, Russia 
Female: Jordan Dorkan, Ireland 

Female: Knur Gedik, Turkey 
Male: Timothy Boss, Italy 

Male: Justin Zafy, Madagascar 
Female: Victoria Kazikova, Slovenia 

Musical Forms
Male: Roi Apter, Israel 
Female: Kathryn Tian, USA 

Male: Vladislav Tuinov, Russia 
Female: Mallaury Kalachnikof, France 

Female: Poliha Selezhena, Russia 
Male: Zhahat Makhambet, Kazakhstan 

Female: Seaheen Flyhn, Ireland 
Male: Ilya Korolev, Russia 

Best Referee Ring Sports
Female: Michaela Kovacova, Slovakia 
Male: Kristof Kasperschki, Poland 

Best Referee Tatami Sports (in the picture)
Male: Karl Wilson (IRE)
Female: Effenia Memos (GRE)

Please enjoy youtube Videos online from the Cadets & Juniors World Championships by Branmanndan at the following link:

All Pools, Results, Statistics and Medal Table of Cadets & Juniors World Championships held in Rimini (Italy) from 6th to 14th September 2014 are below:

All Results - Musical Forms
Pools - (All disciplines)
PF Team competitions
Medal Table - Musical Forms
Medal Table (All disciplines)
All Results (PF, LC, KL, FC, LK, K1)



Report Rimini, Italy 2014



Promoter Gianfranco Rizzi and Barbara Falsoni has done a tremendous job and better location is not easy to find (Stadium 105). One week with happy faces and positive energy, the youngsters created an atmosphere that we can be proud of as an organization.
This is the biggest championship ever for young fighters. Total participants was almost 2 000 fighters from 52 countries. Spread on this styles, K1 Rules, Low kick, Full contact, Kick light contact, Light contact, Pointfighting and Musical forms. By age the groups was, younger cadets, older cadets younger junior and junior.

We are based in all continents and are growing country by country, now Australia is back on track and had a huge delegation, that means a lot for us.

–I was amazed about the level on the young fighters in WAKO. Without doubt very promising for the future, says acting president Espen Lund.

We are already looking forward to next World Championship for Cadets and

All Results - Muscal Forms
Pools - (All disciplines)
PF Team competitions
Medal Table - Musical Forms

Per Andreas Ringsby
WAKO Europe Media Committee Chairmen

Photos: Romeo Desa, Croatia
Photo Gallery HERE

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