EU kickboxing Championship for ring disciplines was hosted in Bilbao, Spain


       European kickboxing Championships for ring disciplines have just finished. Total score was 480 competitors from 34 countries. Different from what we had all passed years, this Championship presented only ring disciplines, without tatami. The reason was the request from the organizer, because of less time in preparing Championship, to stay only on ring disciplines: full contact, K1 rules and low kick. It was like it passed, but for sure we lacked one tatami.

    First day of competition started with good balance: fights were quite arduous, quality was very high.  Opening ceremony passed quickly with alignment of the participating countries and referees. The show was completed with presenting national sport of Basque region, some kind of power lifting, with one of the strongest man in Basque who was juggling with 200 kg cargo in front all of audience.

   Eliminating fights lasted the second day where we could see couple of good knockouts and high quality performance of fighters. Adrenaline from the rings was spread contagiously on the auditorium. 

   Curiosity of competition was access in the ring of one of the most important persons in organizing this Championship, Miss Anna Isabel Sordo who is the Secretary of Spanish kickboxing organization. Her opponent was Miss Marija Bodac from Croatia, who was better this time. After this challenge in the ring, nothing else left to Anna, than to go back to her administrative tasks.

    Championship lasted five days. It was very successful. Bilbao presented very much of hospitality. We had fantastic hot weather at that time and a host with big heart for all WAKO people.


The best of the best on WAKO European Championship with Mr. Borislav Pelevic, WAKO Europe President and Mr. Espen Lund, WAKO IF Acting President:

Referee: Mr. Zoran Simurina (Serbia)


Low kick female: Maria Domenica Mandolini (Italy), 65 kg

Low kick male: Shamil Gasanbekov (Russia), 71 kg

Full contact female: Hanne Lauslehto (Finland), 52 kg

Full contact male: Gabor Gorbics (Hungary), 63.5 kg

K1 rules female: Alena Muratava (Belorussia), 60 kg

K1 rules male: Sergey Masloboyev (Lithuania), 91 kg

mini-DSC03900 mini-DSC04004

Photo: Judges and referees seminar : Vadim Ukraintchev, Yury Lakhtikov, Borislav Pelevic and Sami Savo.   

Photo: On the seminar.

Text and photos
by Marijana Pelevic

More photos in gallery on this link


Please find here below enclosed UPDATED Results, Pools, Medals table and official Report with numbers of all participants of WAKO Senior European Championships (Ring Sports only) held in Bilbao, Spain, from 18th to 26th October 2014. 

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