Austrian Classics report

April 9th to 12th in Olympic Hall Innsbruck was reserved in WAKO calendar to Austrian classics, in team event, full contact and K1 divisions.
Among 26 countries with 13 teams and 1727 registered  entries,competition ran all age and weight classes from younger cadets up to veterans.
Two favorited teams, USA Allstars and Hungary team showed best fights for the audience pleasure. Hungarians  had more luck because USA team had to fight against  injuries which took off their advantage and let opponent team win the finals.
Saturday morning was the grand champion divisions with 27 female and 45 men fighters.
On Sunday it was time for light contact  and kick light.
Less fighters than in point fighting divisions, but not less quality.

To see all results and full list of all winners, see the following links.
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Photo gallery thanks to  Mr. Michael Kruckenhauser
Photo gallery