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Szeged 2014 report

Interview with  Mr. Ferenc Nèmet, Hungarian kickboxing federation board member  and main organizer of World cup in Szeged

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Satisfied with results and competition

  These week end was reserved for Hungarian open tournament World Cup, where were gathered best fighters from Europe. We had three days of very good competition. 25 countries participated, 1100 fighters came these days in Szeged not to enjoy only in competition but also in this charming town.

Main impressions about the competition are:

    “We didn`t have much problems in organization, everything is going well. There are 120 fights in the rings daily. We  didn`t have one fight with complains for the result so we can see that judging is going fine. The fighters gave to public clean, good fights.

   We have  here the  best ring and tatami fighters, former World and European champions. They are testing their readyness for the upcoming World and European Championships.  Hungary brought here very good fighters and we expect from them a lot.

   We see in K1, hegemony of Belarus is still going on, they are here with very strong fighters. Very good Serbian fighters are here also.

   Unfortunately, concerning tatami sports, we don`t have Italian and Ireland team here.

   As for our fighters, this competition is for sure very good opportunity to select among them the best for upcoming Championships in Spain and Slovenia.

   We are very well supported from our government and Ministry of sports.

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Mr. Richar Leyrer, Mr. Borislav Pelevic, Mr. Istvan Kiraly, Mr. Tamas Deutsch and Mr. Ferenc Nemet.

   Here  we have special guest, Mr. Tamás Deutsch a Hungarian politician and member of the European Parliament. He was member of the Hungarian Parliament between 1990 and 2009 and Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports between 1999 and 2002.

   I have to stress that in our country, from a year ago, there are everyday sport activities for kids in elementary schools. I find it of great importance when  we discuss sport. “

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