XXI WORLD CUP Szeged report

XXI WORLD CUP Szeged, Hungary, 21-24 May 2015

                               SZEGED-EPICENTER OF KICKBOXING

   This was amazing competition. Organizer tried their best to make participants from 20 countries feel welcomed in this beautiful city. New president of the Organizing Committee of World Cup, Mr. Istvan Kiraly, was very busy these days but at the end, he could say that he was satisfied. I can only guess that he was satisfied as we were these days in Szeged, because it was also good opportunity to visit the Wine fair in the center of town. Very vise marketing move.

szeged report 2015

   Anyway, there were 800 competition entries with famous names signed. Fights were in beautiful Sporthall of Szeged on two rings and four tatamies, in low kick, K-1, kick light, point fighting and light contact.

   The first time in Cup’s history this year we had online, live stream, and this was revolution in organizing this A class competitions where fans from all around the world could watch fights.

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