BALKAN OPEN 2015 - Official report

balkan open 2015 report

Balkan Open 2015 held in Tesanj 13.06.2015 / Bosnia and Herzegovina,participation of 523 fighters, 87 clubs, from 15  countries. Competition held on 4 tatamis and 1ring.Event was held in a sports atmosphere.Balkan Open attended the WAKO IF Acting President Mr.Salim Kayici, President of National Federation: Slovenia Vladimir Sitar, Aleksandra Nedelkovska Macedonia, Montenegro Ivan Strugar,general secretary of Croatia Zoran Cicvara, and president kickboxing federation Bosnia and Herzegovina Alija Ogrić. On evet signed a cooperation  agreement between Turkish KB Federation and Bosnia and Herzegovina KB Federation.

Balkan Open partipacipated competitors from Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatian, Polish, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Best team in the ring disciplines the Serbian national team and tatami discipline the team Radulov Bulgaria.The judges made a very god job, and a lot of thanks goes to them.We thank all participants for coming.

The official results of the Balkan Open 2015 was held  13.06..2015 in

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