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WAKO European CUP Krynica-Zdrój 2015 report

On first weekend of may nice city of Krynica-Zdroj hosted this year's edition of WAKO European cup. This city has already been the place of great kickboxing events such as WAKO European cadet and junior Championships and many others.

wako cup poland 2015

This time we had:
- 612 fighters
- 55 clubs with with Polish, Slovakia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Bosnia  and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic and Scotland.

The number of competitors in the various forms:
- Pointfighting: 135
- Light contact: 137
- Kick Light: 165
- Low Kick: 22
- K-1: 37
- Full Contact 24
- Children: 56

Best player in the forms ring: Ramzija Dacic - Montenegro
Best player in the forms of tatami: Pavel Zamyatin - Ukraine
The best athlete in the forms of tatami: Dominic Gumanova - Slovakia

wako cup poland 2015 2

Best team Pointfighting
1.Dan Świdnik - Poland
2.Wejcherowskie Stowarzyszenie Sportowe - Poland
3.KS Orient Częstochowa - Poland

Best team Light contact
1.Pantera Presov - Slovakia
2.UKS Evan Nowy Sącz - Poland
3.A&W Team Obrowo - Poland

Best team Kick light
1.Champion Lubawa - Poland
2.Dragon Starachowice - Poland
3. Pantera Presov - Slovakia

Best team in Ring
1.Fenix Krzyżówka - Poland
2.Pantera Presov - Slovakia
3.Halny Nowy Sącz - Poland


Austrian Classics 2015 report

Mr. Peter Kruckenhauser about Austrian Classics 2015:


   … We started organizing this Championship 19 year ago, and from about 200 competitors then, we are proud of the today’s number of   2218 competitors from 31 countries. We are growing and improving every year. We changed two towns in finding the best place to have this tournament, so we ended up in this beautiful city Innsbruck at the Olympics sports hall which is great for us. When we came to Innsbruck it was the big step for us because so many international competitors came over. The last three-four years, each year we had the new record in number of participants which is the best proof that we are doing the great job.

Austrian Classics World Cup 2015
Photo no. 1: Austrian Classics World Cup 2015.

Results will be published later.

Image gallery is on this link

Read more: Austrian Classics 2015 report

German Open 2015 report

German Open 2015 is over. The event took place from 20th to 21st of  March 2015 in Ebern.  542 fighters from  Norway, Kazakhstan, Swiss, France, Austria, Belgium, Turkmenistan, Hungary and of course from Germany fought for the trophies.

german open 2015 2

The election fights started in Ring sports on Friday. Also the musical forms and the team fights. On Saturday the fighters fought on five areas in the tatami disciplines  and on the ring in the Ring sport disciplines. A lot of good fighters were present at this tournament.

The best Team in Point fighting was Contact Karate Beveren (Belgium) leaded by his coach Marc de Block. His team got 8 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze Medals.

HARA Team from Cologne (Germany) was the best in Light Contact. They got 6 Gold, 5 bronze and 4 silver Medals.

A team from Turkmenistan was also present at the championships.  They had very strong fighters and made a lot of knock outs. This Team won 4 gold, 1 silver and 1 Bronze Medal and was the best in Ring sports.

The tournament ended at 8.00 pm and all teams were happy about the well organized tournament.

With best regards
Werner Sossna
WAKO Vice president

german open 2015 1

Karlovac Open 2015 report

On second weekend of February, from 06 to 08, beautiful city of Karlovac hosted second edition of European Cup "Karlovac Open". This year numbers were amazing with a total of 1.444 athletes from 147 clubs and 22 countries.

karlovac open 2015 1

First day of competition was reserved for tatami disciplines on 8 fighting areas: Point fighting and Light contact, and also Team competition and Grand Champion categories. On the second day we had ring disciplines on two rings, one in Full contact, and the second one in Low kick, while at the same time on two tatamis there was Kick light contact.

Despite the fact that weather conditions were really horrible with heavy snow and huge traffic problems, promoter of the event, Mr. Zoran Cicvara, secretary general of Croatian kickboxing federation, faced only small number of cancellations, which was almost incredible, because many local and some main roads were closed for traffic.

karlovac open 2015 2

European Cup “Karlovac Open” was promoted under the patronage of the Ministry of Science, Family and Sports of Croatia, Croatian Olympic Committee and at the local level Karlovac County and the City of Karlovac.

European Cup in Karlovac hosted huge number of competitors and clubs from Italy, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Slovenia, Great Britain, Turkey, Israel, Puerto Rico, Chile, and Croatia.

karlovac open 2015 3

By this numbers and also high organization level and the quality of the fighters and fights presented, “Karlovac Open” now has become one of the leading tournaments in Europe side by side with other great WAKO events such as World cups in Austria, Italy, Hungary. We are sure that in the future “Karlovac Open” will earn highest A class level of WAKO tournaments and will become even better.

Thank you and see you all next year!

Complete image gallery on this link


Slovak Open 2015 report

During Saturday, 21ST OF FEBRUARY 2015, was held already 16th edition of WAKO international kickboxing tournament SLOVAK OPEN 2015, _MEMORIAL OF LADISLAV "DOKY" TÓTH, _ in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. We can announce that 577 fighters from 66 clubs and 10 countries made this tournament successful. Many great fighters, world champions and European champions in juniors,cadets and seniors disciplines did amazing fights on high level at 6 tatami and 2 rings.      

All winners were awarded with diplomas, medals, gold winners also with trophy. Slovak kickboxing Union also offered a special prizes money 150€ for winners of grand champion in point fighting male & females and also in ring disciplines Full contact and K1 rules, where the fastest K.O was given by  Marek Prochazka from Czech Republic in first round at 0:45s.               


slovak open 2015

On behalf Slovak kickboxing Union and promoters from home club SKP Banska Bystrica, We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all participants, fighters for great performance, fair play judging of Referees and of course thank You to organizing team for great job at SLOVAK OPEN 2015, _MEMORIAL OF LADISLAV "DOKY" TÓTH_.     

Thank You again for amazing atmosphere ! Without You this International tournament can not be.

All results, statistics were highlighted  at our website WWW.SK.KICKBOXING.COM.HR directly after finishing last fight in tatami!
All photos are  published at WWW.SLOVAK-KICKBOXING.SK , and videos at our partner portal WWW.EASTLAB.SK or follow us on FACEBOOK.           
Big thank You, for helping us to make this tournament better and better every year.     
I hope to see All of You again on next SLOVAK OPEN 2016!          

Sincerely Yours
PETER ONUSCAK             

Golden Glove 2015

Beginning of the working year in WAKO was reserved for GOLDEN GLOVE tournament


   Big competition which opened WAKO schedule for 2015. working year, took place on 17th and 18th January in the new Arena di Conegliano Zoppas. This was the ninth edition of the Golden Glove, International event for all lovers of kickboxing.

   In the arena there were 8 squares and a giant screen that projected images of previous editions. The huge stage saw numerous competing athletes (about 900 members) of which half foreigners from over 18 countries: Switzerland, Austria, Holland, England, Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Poland, Norway, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Ukraine.

golden glove 1

   A special praise for the wonderful success of the organization goes to those who have designed and created this event: Luca Terrin, President of the Veneto Region FIKBMS (WAKO ITALY), Raffaele Di Paolo (FIKBMS board member), Euro Kickboxing Club of Nicola Traina (Member of WAKO Organizing committee) and Oriano De Bei (Member of the Italian Referee Commitee) and Giorgio Lico (Member of WAKO organizing committee).

Golden Glove, with the title of WAKO EUROPE CUP, prepared a total prize money of 8,000 Euro and a sponsorship given by global brand TOP TEN which has provided a gift to all winners- a pair of gloves, depending on the style.

     Special guest of the presidency of WAKO EUROPE was Roy Baker, who said that he was excited about the return of this competition and was impressed by the quality of the organization. This year the computer system was used, very successfully.

   The system consists of a SPORTDATA impeccable staff, including the brothers Alex and Jhon Engelhardt WAKO Netherland, allowed to display in real time on the web boards, achievements, and awards and live streaming. This technology truly represents the future in the sport.

golden glove 2

The two-day competition began with two beautiful seminars held respectively by the team of Master Istvan Kiraly for pointfighing and Manuel Nordio and Ivan Sciolla for the light contact, which was attended by about thirty athletes each.

   Saturday took place all categories of light and light kick and tag team of light and tag team: the team Kiraly dominated the five competitions of tag team taking home € 2,000 while in the individual disciplines Italians have achieved great results.

   Sunday was devoted entirely to the point fighting, discipline with the largest numbers of practicants, and ended with the grand champion male and female and also in this case the team Kiraly has prevailed over all. To underline the stunning finale to cardio palm of open female between Carmela Abbate and Hungarian Dorina Szabo.

golden glove 3

   In short, the Golden Glove states unquestionably the International circuit as one of the most important competitions WAKO, and thanks to staff, with his excellent work has enabled the smooth conduct of the competition.

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Diamond Cup 2014 report

diamond-cup-logoWorld СupDiamond-2014



Anniversary for success

 From September 23 to September 28 in the LOK "Vityaz" modern sports complex in Anapa (Vityazevo) the fifth anniversary World Cup Diamond-2014/kickboxing WAKO in which 1188 fighters from 26 countries of the world participated took place. The first national teams of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, looked in the ring styles equal rivals in fights with traditionally strong kickboxers from Russia.



The panel of judges led by the chif-referee of WAKO Mr. Lakhtikov (ring styles) and famous in the world of a kickboxing as the professional from "capital letter" in a tatami styles – Brian Beck, fulfilled at the high level. All winners of the World Cup gained a nominal cup, the diploma and a medal.

The most worthy fighters, having passed rigid selection left in Gala final. Winners of Gala finals won the first prize of the Cup – a diamond sign.

As the best duel of evening fight  was in the section K-1, where Russian team was represented by one of leaders of the Russian national team – Shamil Gadzhimusayev from Belgorod. Many  funs from Russia were crazy about their hero, who dominated in the ring.


Owners of a diamond sign – the best of the best:

- Philip Salugin (Omsk, Russia) - +94 kg, light - contact

- Ararat Mkhtaryan (Moscow, Russia)-54 kg, full-contact

- Astemir Borsov (Maikop, Russia) - - 57kg, full-contact

- Shokhrat Yagmyrov (Turkmenistan) - - 67kg, full-contact

- Mahomed Umalatov (Dagestan, Russia) - - 51kg, Lou Kik

- Ulanbek Kasymbekov (Kyrgyzstan) - - 54kg, Lou Kik

- Avazbek Amanbekov (Kyrgyzstan) - 57kg, Lou Kik

- Ikbo Fozilzhan (Kyrgyzstan) - 63,5kg, Lou Kik

- Syrgak Sagynbai Uulu (Kyrgyzstan) - - 71kg, Lou Kik

- Altynbek Zhunussov (Kazakhstan)-75 kg, Lou Kik

- Kuang Abdyraimov (Kyrgyzstan) - +91kg, Lou Kik

- Itsekhovskaya Victoria, (Anapa, Russia) - - 52kg, K-1

- Sergey Byelik (Voronezh, Russia)-51 kg, K-1

- Shamil Gadzhimusayev (Belgorod, Russia) - - 63,5kg, K-1

- Rasoul Kadimagomedov (Dagestan, Russia) - +91kg, K-1


Yury Lakhtikov from Estonia was marked out by a diamond sign as the best judge of World Cup Diamond-2014!

 Duels of the World Cup were broadcast on the air on the sites: www .worldcupdiamond.com and www.золотороссии.com.


Repetitions of fights can be seen on TV channel "Fight club".

                                                              Rishat Sayapov




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winners K-1

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