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This year, if you participated in tournament Irish Open 2016, you can proudly say that you were the part of the history.

All expectations came true: the number of entries braked the number of 4000.

Irish open 2016

In total, 4151 entries covered full two-days program that can't be seen anywhere in martial sports.

Facilities of the venue and the hotel, unique as they are, gave us the chance to enjoy in tatami fights, ring fights, and performance in musical forms.

Irish open 2016 5

With participants of all ages, from beginners to the veterans, there was the program for all tastes. Watching the kids of the early ages, girls and boys, fighting their first tatami fights, some of them crying and some of them celebrating, was very emotional.

Among 32 registered countries and 298 teams, we had the opportunity to watch the best world's fighters WAKO has nowadays.

Irish open 2016 2

This tournament was the occasion where the new on -line registration and scoring system started to be in use in WAKO.

Irish open 2016 4

The Competition started March 4th and lasted till March 6th. Charity for the children was the main purpose of this sporting event, for which was collected more than 20 000 Euros and the cheque was handed to social service officials. We had grand finale night on March 5th.

Irish open 2016 3

All of us have to be pleased and proud to be a part of this great event.

Image gallery is on this link

Report and photo by Marijana Pelević

All results and statistics can be found on:


Irish open 2016 medals cont

Irish open 2016 medals club

Ilidža Open 2016 Report

ILIDŽA OPEN 2016 SARAJEVO Tournament Report

Ilidza open 2016 report

 Venue: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo (KSC Ilidža hall)
 Organiser "Kickboxing akademija Ilidža" Sarajevo
 Promotor: Nermin Bašović
 Date: 27.02.2016

Ilidza open 2016 report 2

"ILIDŽA OPEN" is the 7th international kickboxing tournament held in Sarajevo for children, cadets, juniors, seniors in disciplines:
 Point fighting
 Light contact
 Kick light
 Low Kick
 K-1 rules

Ilidza open 2016 report 3 Ilidza open 2016 report 4
Over 400 competitors, 60 clubs from 5 coutries participated on this
Report can be found at "www.kickboxing-data.com"
as on club website "www.ilidzaopen-sarajevo.com"
and on us facebook site "https://www.facebook.com/kickboxing.ilidza/"

Ilidza open 2016 report 5


Dear WAKO friends,
The international WAKO tournament SLOVAK OPEN " memorial of Ladislav Doky Toth" took place in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia last weekend. Great number of 829 fighters from 68 clubs representing 9 countries participated this time. Many thanks to Promoter, Slovak kicboxing union leaded by President, Mr. Peter Onuscak for their great job.

Wako European administration

slovak open 2016 300

Dear friends,
On behalf Slovak kickboxing Union , We would like to THANK YOU all for Your participation at our  international tournament SLOVAK OPEN 2016, _MEMORIAL OF LADISLAV "DOKY" TÓTH_.
We hope that You enjoyed this event in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. Slovak Open 2016 was already 17th anniversary in row and We can finally announce, that we had record numbers 829 FIGHTERS FROM 9 COUNTRIES, FROM 68 CLUBS! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WINNERS! AND BIG THANK TO ALL REFEREES FOR THEIR GREAT WORK DURING TWO DAYS!

Thank You again for amazing atmosphere! WITHOUT YOU - We couldn't make this International tournament successful!

 All results, statistics are highlighted on our website

All photos will be published at WWW.SLOVAK-KICKBOXING.SK as soon  as is possible, or follow us on FACEBOOK.
Videos will be published on our partner website - WWW.EASTLABS.BIZ during one-two days.


We hope to see All of You on next SLOVAK OPEN 2017, WHICH WILL BE  AGAIN ONE STEP HIGHER!

Sincerely Yours

Karlovac Open Tournament

Venue: SD Mladost, Rakovac 1, Karlovac, Croatia

Dates: 12/02/2016 - 14/02/2016

Organiser: Kickboxing club "Tigar" Karlovac

Excellent start in 2016

Karlovac Open is over, an international kickboxing tournament which traditionally brings together not only the clubs from the region, but from all over Europe and the World.

The advantage of this tournament is that it takes place in all disciplines WAKO Kick Boxing, so the participating countries have the ability to compile their teams of competitors of all seven disciplines.

This year the tournament was more than successful not only at the discretion of the organizer, but also by the impressions of the participants, who, after three days of competition, went to their homes satisfied.

Sport Hall Karlovac 3

The total number of participants has exceeded 1000 so that this year we had 1538. That number promised good fights on the tatami and in the ring. Judges and referees were from all around the Europe. The competition was under supervision of Ministry of sport of Croatia, Croatian Olympic Committee and Anti-doping agency.

Karlovac Open 2016 02 17 2The total number of participating clubs was 159 and the number of participating countries was 21: Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Great Britain, Slovakia, Poland, Greece, Slovenia, Denmark, Germany, France, Turkey, Macedonia, Ukraine, Israel, Montenegro, Finland, Netherlands and host country Croatia.

On the first day of the tournament we had musical forms going on, Grand champion fights in individual competition, team fights were held and seminars for light contact and point fighting.

The second day of competition was reserved for the fights in point fighting, full contact, low kick and K1. The atmosphere was at the level of high quality competition.

On the third day the audience was able to watch the end of the fights in full contact, low kick, K1, kick light and light contact.

After the performance in all disciplines, the order of the best clubs stands like this:

1. KiralyTeam Pointfigthing Academy, Hungary
2. Debreczeni Team, Hungary
3. Team Lombardia, Italy
4. Tigar Karlovac, Croatia
5. Sušak ,Croatia
6. KBK Mawashi Makarska, Croatia
7. KBV Proficiogroup Hwarang, Slovenia
8. Team RADULOV, Bulgaria
9. Esztergomi KBSE, Hungary
10. ARMUS, Croatia


All images are in gallery on this link

13th Athens Challenge 2016

Athens, 06th-07th February 2016


Thank you for joining us for the big celebration of Kick Boxing!
The 13th Athens Challenge Tournament is organized in association with the WAKO and the PAN-HELLENIC FEDERATION OF KICKBOXING “POK “.

Athens Challenge Tournament is without a doubt one of the top 5 Kick Boxing events across Europe and the biggest Kick Boxing event in Greece, tournament in disciplines: Point Fighting, Light Contact , Kick Light, Low Kick and Musical forms.

Athens challenge 2016 2

Athens Challenge is the First Tournament of the World Kickboxing Series (WKS).

The WKS is a cooperation between the Best WAKO Kickboxing Tournaments during one calendar year.

Fighters will be ranked according to their results in these tournaments. On all the events they will be able to gather points for personal ranking and at the end of the year the WKS will announce the winner in all the categories.

The tournaments that are in the WKS are:
6/7 February 2016 - Athens Challenge, Athens, Greece
3/6 March 2016 - Irish Open, Dublin, Ireland
15/17 April 2016 - Austrian Classics, Innsbruck, Austria
29/30 April 2016 - Yokoso Dutch Open, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
12/15 May 2016 - Hungarian Cup, Budapest, Hungary
3/5 June 2016 - BestFighter, Rimini, Italy
24/25 September 2016 - Flanders, Beveren, Belgium

Athens challenge 2016

Athens Challenge 2016 lasted two days. The first day we have seen some great fights in all the disciplines: Light Contact, Kick Light, Low Kick and Team Fights. In Point Fighting we had the Grand Champion, and Tag team.

The second day all Point Fighting individual categories were on. Everybody enjoyed great atmosphere, like always at the Athens Challenge. There was the extra excitement because this was the first Tournament in the ranking row.

Athens Challenge is done and despite of all the strikes in Greece that have made it impossible for some countries to come, we had 1519 registrations, 14 countries participating and 25 International referees present. It has been a great event.

All images are in gallery on this link

Golden Glove 2016 international cup



The Golden Glove 2016 is over and we can say that it was really a beautiful competition. It was full of atmosphere of friendship and sportiness.

golden glove 2016 sports hall

A sport hall was covered with 8 squares and there was a giant screen where audience could see projected images of previous editions. Sport hall was full of numerous competing athletes (about 900 members) from over 18 countries: Austria, Belgium, Holland, England, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Liechstein, Serbia.

golden glove 2016 sports hall2

Special thanks for the successfull organization goes to those who designed and created the event: Luca Terrin, President of the Veneto Regione FIKBMS EuropcenterOneCamponogara, the National WAKO ITALY board member Raffaele Di Paolo, Club ASD Euro Kickboxing Nicola Traina (member of the organizing committee WAKO) and Oriano de Bei (Italian member of WAKO ITALY referee board ).

golden glove 2016 2

The Golden Glove promoters prepared a total prize money of 8,000 Euro and a sponsorship given by global brand TOP TEN which has provided free to all winners a pair of gloves depending on the specialty.

golden glove 2016 1

On the competition it was used SPORTDATA system. Sportdata fabulous staff, including brothers Alex and Jhon Engelhardt WAKO Netherland, allowed to display in real time on the web: boards, results, awards and live streaming.

This technology truly represents the future in sports as tatami.
The two-day race began with two internships held respectively by the team of Master Istvan Kiraly for point fighing and Manuel Nordio and Ivan Sciolla for the light, which was attended by about thirty athletes each.
At Saturday there were fights took place in all categories of kick light and point fighting: the team Istvan Kiraly dominated in the 5 competitions of teams taking home 2,500 Euros while in the individual disciplines Italians have achieved great results.

golden glove 2016 3

Sunday was devoted entirely to the point fighting, discipline with greate number of attending fighters . The best Grandchampion female finale fight was between Martina Rossi and Hungarian Henrietta Nagy with the victory of Italian fighter. On the other side, Grandchampion men finale was between two Hungarians, Moradi Zsolt and Gombosh Laszlo, where was better Gombosh Laszlo.
Another thanks can only go first to the staff who with excellent work has enabled the smooth running of the competition and than to the referees with high commitment and passion, who ensured high professionalism in the WAKO.

Alessio Marini


1. KiralyTeam Kickboxing Academy, HUN
2. Team best fighters, ITA
3. HMD Italia, ITA
4. Chikudo Martial Arts, LIE
5. Debreczeni Team, HUN
6. Asd Euro Kickboxing, ITA
8. Lanzilao Team, ITA
9. Topten light revolution team, ITA
10.A.S.D. auxe, ITa


1. BEST BEST, KiralyTeam Kickboxing Academy, HUN
2. Murgida Rossana, Chikudo Martial Arts, LIE
3. Perona Nicole, Topten light revolution team, ITA
4. Gombosz Laszlo, KiralyTeam Kickboxing Academy, HUN
5. Visentin Gaia, Team best fighters, ITA
6. Oliva Gabriele, HMD Italia, ITA
7. Veres  Roland, KiralyTeam Kickboxing Academy, HUN
8. Džin Marko, KBK Planet Sport, CRO
9. Rossi Martina, HMD Italia, ITA
10.Bramati Federico, HMD Italia, ITA



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