Dear WAKO friends,

Balkan Open 2018 held in Tešanj 24.03.2018 /Bosnia and Herzegovina,participation number of entries 707,number of clubs 96,number of countries 15.

WAKO supervizor Mr.Srđan Bugarčić, Leader Competition Mr.Rodeo Deša.

Delegate Competition Kickboxing Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr.Nermin Bašović.

Chief judge Neđo Bratić,Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Competition held on 4 tatamis and 2 ring.Event was heald in a sport atmosphere.

Balkan open 2018 report

Balkan Open 2018 another great WAKO event has been successfully organised traditionaly 10 times.Top level of organisation has shown that,year after year this signification tournament has improved in every way-from sports,competing,overality and organisation to hospitality.

Both female and male kickboxers has shown high quality in their performances and presented all the beauty of sport to big crowd of spectators.

Balkan open 2018 report 2

By this we would like to show our respect and thank to Promotor,Mr.Alija Ogrić

Balkan Open was attended by Mr.Vladimir Sitar President WAKO Balkan Kickboxing Union, Mr.Romeo Deša Advisor to President IF WAKO,Mr.Srdjan Bugarčić General Secretary WAKO Europe, Mr.Dejan Mitrovski President Kickboxing Federation Makedonia,Mr.Tomislav Bilandžić President Kickboxing Federation Croatia,Mr.Dragutin Papović President Kickboxing Federation Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Minister of economy of Zenica-Doboj Canton ,mayor town of Tešanj with your associates, and Mr.Alija Ogrić Vice President WAKO Balkan Kickboxing Union.

Minister of economy of Zenica-Doboj Canton was open tournament.Balkan Open 2018 partipacipated competitors from Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Makedonia, Montenegro, Danish, Grece, Izrael, Poland and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Best team in the ring disciplines WAKO Makedonia team and tatami discipline Team Masaru/Bulgaria.

The judges made a very good job,and a lot of thanks goes to them

Balkan open 2018 report 3


We thank all participants for coming.

See you next year…

The official results of the Balkan Open 2018 was heald 24.03.2018 in

Alija Ogrić Vice President WAKO Balkan Kickboxing Union