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Wako European Championships 2022

Dear Presidents, Dear Friends,

I take great pleasure to welcoming you to the 2022 European Championships being held in Antalya Türkiye. 

This will be the most prestigious European Championships held in our history with the winners of the respective disciplines and weight categories with the top eight, participating in the European games in 2022 for the first  time and also the winners in the respective disciplines and  categories  taking their rightful place at the world combat games in 2023. What an extraordinary opportunity for our  national feeerations and athletes for all of us in Europe.

It is a real testament to the development of the sport globally as we are now getting opportunities which we have never received or seen before we must continue to focus on developing a membership system and passport at regional national level as well as continental . This is the golden key for progress continental and global

I am sure that the host, Turkish Kickboxing Federation, and Vice President Salim Kayici will give us a memorable event to be proud off. I look forward to seeing all of you alongside the president of WAKO Europe Mr Istvan Kiraly at the most prestigious European Championships in our long history. As always I am looking g forward to see all the WAKO family at this wonderful Event.

Respectfully Yours,
President of WAKO

You can download the attached invitation letter and all documents


wako ec 2022

Peace - Мир !

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Christmas greetings from Mr Istvan Kiraly

Dear WAKO Europe Member!!

To me, the winter holiday represents a peaceful time to spend time with our loved ones and reflect on the year that has passed. Our sport has seen great successes despite the pandemic affecting our day to day lives, such as the inclusion in the 2023 European Games and the full IOC recognition. These could not have been achieved without our persistent members passionate about developing and promoting our sport of Kickboxing. Let us take a moment to value the past accomplishments and set goals for the coming year. I sincerely thank you all for your dedicated work and I hope you can recover during the holiday so that we can set to develop our beloved sport invigorated in the new year. 

Istvan Kiraly
President - WAKO Europe
Vice President - WAKO
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Registrations for EUSA Games 2022 - Lodz, Poland are open

Dear All,

Please receive attached all relevant information about EUSA Games which will be held in Lodz, Poland from July 14th, to July 19th, 2022.
Please, pay attention on this important event for WAKO Europe and work closely with your National University Sports Association in order to make sure that all of your athletes who have right to participate have opportunity to do that.
Please, be aware that we all have to start working on this important issue as soon as possible.
In case you need any additional assistance don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you in advance for your kind co-operation.

With best regards,

Istvan Kiraly
President - WAKO Europe
Vice President - WAKO

Dear kickboxing friends

Registrations for European Universities Games 2022 are open

EUSA GAMES Lodz 2022 KICKBOXING Brochure 1European University Sports Association (EUSA) and the local organising committee of the European University Games 2022 in Łódź, Poland are happy to announce that the registration for next year's events is open! European Universities Games (kickboxing – PF,KL,FC,K1) will be held in Łódź, Poland from July 14 – 19, 2022.

Please see the event pages https://eug2022.eu/en/main/ for details and contact the national university sports body in your country (ctrl+click to open link) to register.

EUSA web page with all information and for registration with instruction is: https://eug2022.eu/en/registration/  


Each national kickboxing federation (NKBF) should contact and co-operate with the National University Sports Association (NUSA) in the shortest time and agree on further cooperation and communication regarding the participation of kickboxers at the EUSA Games - Łódź, Poland 2022.

WAKO Brochure for EUSA Games for kickboxing please find enclosed.

2022 EUSA Registrations Guide for Contact person
2022 EUSA Registrations Guide for NUSA
EUSA GAMES - Lodz 2022 - KICKBOXING - Brochure

WAKO Europe elected a new President

Mr. Istvan Kiraly (HUN) has been elected as the WAKO Europe president for the 4 years mandate, at the duly conveened WAKO Europe General Assembly , 18th September 2021 in  Budapest. Before elections,  Istvan Kiraly has served the position of Acting President of WAKO Europe for past 2 years.

With the election of the new President, it was also elected the new Board of Directors with the appointments of Vice-presidents. All proposals have been voted unanimously.

Istvan Kiraly

The first Vice president of WAKO Europe is Mr. Salim Kayici (TUR)  and the other two are Mr. Espen Lund (NOR) and Mrs.Francesca Falsoni (ITA).

The members of the Board are:

Michell Kovacova (Slovakia)

Olga Pavlenko (Ukraine)

Romeo Desa (Croatia)

Daimi Akin (Norway)

Donato Milano (Italy)

Nadir Alouache (France)

Katarzyna Kociszewska (Poland)

Ivan Georgiev (Bulgaria)

Andrey Kotov (Russia)

Zsolt Mórádi (Hungary)

Jesus Eguía (Spain)

Tomaz Barada (Slovenia)

Nikolaus Gstättner, treasurer of WAKO Europe (Austria).

New WAKO Europe president with Board of Directors

The new elected President specially thanked for extraordinary efforts and commitment in the last period to: Mr. Roy Baker, WAKO President, for his hard work and leadership which brought WAKO and our sport to the highest possible level, Mr. Espen Lund for his tireless work, passion, and sport diplomacy contribution for WAKO, Tomaz Barada, without who it could not be possible to finish negotiation with European Olympic Committee, Peter Galambos for his work side by side with newly elected president in Hungarian national federation for many, many years and to all national presidents for the support.


WAKO Europe HQ

Blagajska 15/41
(Mr. Srdjan Bugarcic),
11050 Belgrade, Serbia.

Contact phone:
+381 63 289 322


Mr. Istvan Kiraly
+ 36 309 400 935

Mr Istvan Kiraly WAKO Europe Acting President

Srđan Bugarčić
+ 381 63 289 322
srdjan bugarcic 145

WAKO Europe
Istvan Kiraly (HUN)
Salim Kayici (TUR)
Francesca Falsoni (ITA)
Yury Filimonov (RUS)
Nikolaus Gstattner (AUT)
Katarszyna Kocisewska (POL)
Olga Pavlenko (UKR)
Daimi Akin (NOR)
Romeo Desa (HRV)
Tomaz Barada (SVN)
Michaela Kovacova (SVK)
Michail Trantafillou (GRC)



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Wako EU is member of WAKO

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