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European Championship in Loutraki, Greece

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European Championship in Loutraki, Greece. This has been a week packed with high quality fighting, friendship and Fair Play. This is a Championship that has shown us the big positive development within the sport and organization as a whole. Its a delight to see and be inspired.

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With participants from 33 countries we continue to unite Kickboxing in Europe, and its good to see new faces enter our competition and grow the standards. We have fighters like Zsolt Moradi from Hungary, 8 time World Champion and 8 time European Champion, but also new fighters who attend for first time in a Championship and are inspired.

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Promoter Mike Triantafillou has done a great job together with his staff for making this event and he is happy to bring the Championship to Greece.
Mike and Roy
Mr. Mike Triantafillou, WAKO Greece President with Mr. Roy Baker, WAKO Europe President

"WAKO Europe is delighted with the continued evolution of the sport worldwide. The second part of the Europeans truly shows the strength of the sport of Kickboxing in Europe, over the two championships we have had over 1,000 National Champions take to the ring and the mat, to be challenged and to be successful, that is what we do in  Kickboxing, we allow people a fair, clean and empowering environment to excel in where the important of winning with Integrity and loosing with Dignity is paramount to the ongoing success of our sport in Europe and Worldwide. It is great to see such a positive under balance in Kickboxing with 33% of competitors Female and 67% male, that is a great indicator of how our sport is evolving and winning."
WAKO Europe Acting President Roy Baker

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Now we have finished three days elimination rounds in the tournament and we are ready and excited for finals in Loutraki. Greece give us beautiful surroundings and WAKO Europe give us action, a perfect day!

Best regards
WAKO Media committee Chairman

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Wako EU is member of WAKO

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