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LOW KICK – 88.600 KG



On last March 07, 2014, City of Budva and hotel „Splendid“ hosted 6th edition of „Splendid Grand Prix“, Wako Pro event that has always been known for its glamorous style and high level organization.

This time it was even better than before. Main event was World title bout in low kick, 88.600 between Ivan Strugar from Montenegro, former Wako Pro World Champion and Kirill Ivanov from Russia, current Wako Pro European Champion.

Beside this main event, we could see four very good prestige fights with fighters from Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro involved in it.

World title bout was not one of the „epic“, „historical“ fights, not even one of the best and highest quality level fights, not one of the fights that will be talked about for years and years. It was very emotional, very tough fight for both of pretenders on World title. Probably that was the reason why they could not give their best to fight and win the title.

But, this fight will be remembered as the last conquest of  warrior, real and unique WAKO and Wako Pro Champion Ivan Strugar.

He started his amateur career back in 1994 on European Championships in Portugal and carried on till 2001 when he finished it winning his third gold medal on World Championships. He won his first Wako Pro title back in 1998 in Belgrade against great Italian champion Danielle Petroni and then in following years he took Wako Pro titles in 78 kg, 81.4 kg, 85 kg and 88.6 kg.

Ivan-Strugar-WAKO-PRO-World-Champion Small

First round of the fight was not the one that was expected, slow and curious but was very „dirty“ with a lot of holding, clinching, pushing brought to us, on first place, by Kirill Ivanov, which made referee, Zoran Simurina from Serbia, to give him verbal warning in opening round.

Second one was almost the same like first one, only the fact that Ivan Strugar accepted this way of fighting and „spoiled“ our fun.

Third round was the one where we could see some real action and some points made by Ivan Strugar with his kicks.

Kirill Ivanov was the one who started fourth round strong and aggressive winning some points but then he got one minus point for clinching and pushing. On the other side Ivan Strugar got warning for holding.

The last round brought to us again the same style of fighting. Kirill Ivanov was the one who was behind and he had to push it forward and try to win the fight by knock out. Desiree was just too big for him and he started again with very „dirty“ fighting which made referee to penalize him with another minus point. Because of holding Ivan Strugar also got one minus point. At very end of the fight Kirill Ivanov tried to do something more but Ivan Strugar was just too ready for that and did not let him even make a small doubt about the result. At the end hands of Ivan Strugar raised high in the air celebrating decision we all expected base on what was seen in all five rounds.

Judges had no doubt:

Judge 1- Ratko Roganovic from Montenegro (49:45)

Judge 2- Denis Sidenko from Russia (50:46)

Judge 3- Claudio Baccollini from Italy (49:48)

For NEW WAKO PRO WORLD CHAMPION Ivan Strugar from Montenegro


Supervisor: Srdjan Bugarcic (SRB)

Referee: Zoran Simurina (SRB)

Judges: Ratko Roganovic (MNE), Denis Sidenko (RUS), Claudio Baccollini (ITA)


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