sportaccordSportaccord World Games 2013. in Saint Petersburg gathered more than 1300 best world fighters. They had unique opportunity to represent their sport in the best way. They were part of fenomenal spectacle filled by fear play,respect and good fights.

WAKO kickboxing was represented by three disciplines:
full contact, low kick (ring fights) and point fighting (tatami disciplines).

After two days eliminating fights, finale started.

In full contact, women -56kg Tonie Sorlie (Norway) defeated Thi Nguyen (Vietnam).

Full contact men,-63,5kg Gabor Gorbics (Hungary) won his finale and in -71kg, after too much tactics, Russian fighter Nikita Selyanskiy was better than Ahmad Khalaf Hasan (Jordan).

Even the spectators were not satisfied by the reffree decision, in -91kg full contact men Aleksandr Dimitrenko (Russia) won Eugen Waigel (Germany).

zastava sa kik boks rukavicama

In low kick women, -52 kg winner was Anna Poskrebysheva (Russia), girl who realised only seven days before Games that she will be the part of the team. But, she proved that she was the best.Zehra Gulgen (Turkey) won silver medal.

Russian domination continued in -67kg, where Shamil Abdulmedzhidov was better than Iraque fighter Sezzedmasoud Derekeh.

Khasan Khaliev (Russia) won Taden da San Martino (Brazil) in -75kg low kick.

Men final -81kg bought much joy to young Bosnian fighter Igor Emkic who beated Serhat Degermenci (Turkey). Igor`s sudden roundhous forsed turkey coach to throw towel among the ropes.

Point fighting medal fight was between fighters from Ireland, Italy and Hungary. Women final -60kg winner was Shauna Martina Bannon (Ireland). Men final -63kg Adriano Passaro (Italy) was winner. Laszlo Gombos (Hungary)    -74kg was the best and -86kg Robbie Mc Menamey (Ireland) won his best fight.

Among announced ambassadors Sportaccord World Combat Games 2013. was legendary Don the Dragon Willson, one of the best fighters and succesfull actor in kickboxing in all times. In 40 years long sport career he won 11 World champion medals which is the best reason why he is still great authority among people who love this sport.

 pelevic-slikaSPORTACCORD, WORLD COMBAT GAMES is preparing important meeting in Belek, Turkey, from 7th to 11th April 2014. where will be decided main issues about games and it's future: frequency, general conditions and conceptual structure. On the schedule there are actual negotiations with next promoters for such events in future. Dr. Borislav Pelevic, WAKO EUROPE president and WAKO IF vicepresident will also be present at the meeting. Waiting for the report.