Seminar for Coaches and Referees 2018

Dear All,

Turkish Kickboxing Federation has organised seminar for Coaches and Referees which took place between December 07 – 09, 2018 in Antalya, Turkey. Seminar was attended by 1150 Coaches and Referees in total. The program started with the opening remarks of Mr. Salim KAYICI, the President of Turkish Kickboxing Federation and WAKO Europe
Vice-President. Following Mr. KAYICI, WAKO Europe President Mr. Roy BAKER and WAKO IF Vice-President Mr. Espen LUND addressed the attendants. After their remarks, chairman of WAKO Europe Referee
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Committee for tatami spots Mr. Brian W. BECK and the chairman of WAKO Europe Referee Committee for ring sports, Mr. Sami SAVO presented the general competition rules and the recently changed rules. The attendants were also given seminars on banned substances, substance abuse, anti-doping and fight against drugs.

Seminar was also conducted for development of tatami disciplines and it  was run by Mr. Roy Baker, former multiple World Champion for Point Fighting and Mr. Tomaz Barada, WAKO Europe Board member and former multiple World Champion, for Light Contact. Big WAKO family on one place had a pleasure to celebrate WAKO recognition by IOC.

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President of Turkish Kickboxing Federation

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