WAKO IF Board meeting

WAKO IF board meeting was held in Vienna, 22th and 23th April 2014.

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Photo 1. Members of the meeting

On the first meeting day budget WAKO IF 2014 was accepted. On the proposal of the WAKO Europe President Mr. Borislav Pelevic, WAKO Europe budget was increased for this year, knowing that WAKO Europe has to organize two European Championships; the first in Slovenia (4 tatami disciplines),the second in Spain (3 ring disciplines). The budget for WAKO Asia and WAKO Panamerica has also increased.

The second day was reserved for reviewing draft of the Statute WAKO IF , produced by the Legal committee. Mr. Borislav Pelevic, WAKO Europe President was displeased with the fact that the working on the draft Statute has lasted seven months and members of this meeting had the opportunity to look at the draft for the first time on this meeting , so there was no time for preparations and discussions. On his proposal, voted by majority, a new Working group was formed.The members of this Working group which will continue working on the draft Statute WAKO IF, are:

-          Mr. Espen Lund, WAKO IF Acting President

-          Four Presidents ( or representatives) of four Continental divisions

-          WAKO lawyer Mrs. Franceska Falsoni

-          independent Swiss lawyer.

The deadline for giving the proposal of the WAKO IF Statute to the Board of Directors WAKO IF is 23th May, and the Board meeting when it will be given for acknowledgement is on 7th June in Lignano Sabiadoro, Italy, during the World Cup “Best fighter”.

During the World Cup “Best Fighter”in Lignano Sabiadoro, Italy, 6th of June, a meeting of WAKO Europe Board of Directors will be held.

At the meeting in Vienna, acting President WAKO IF Mr. Espen Lund had the opportunity to introduce all about WAKO becoming a member of IWGA and will take part on the next World Games in Wroclow, Polland 2017. He introduced a report about many meetings he has had with representatives of Sportaccord and IOC, for the purpose of acknowledgement of WAKO kickboxing by International Olympic Committee.

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Photo 2. On the meeting in Vienna