Dear Friends,

european olimpics committeesI have exciting news for you. WAKO Kickboxing has been admitted to the 2023 European Olympic Games. There are no shorter or longer periods that pass without WAKO writing history, regarding either unity, number of people or success. We just have to remember the last competitions like the EUSA where WAKO participated for the first time with wonderful results.

As Acting President of the European Kickboxing Federation, I inform you of this news with great pleasure and happiness. When the three of us, Roy Baker, Tomaz Barada and I contacted Mr Janez Kocijančič in Slovenia, who was President of the European Olympic Committees – he sadly has since passed away, may he rest in peace – we did not think this dream would come true. Now the tremendous work and energy we all put into this together has finally proven to be fruitful and WAKO Kickboxing will be there at the European Olympic Games. Thank you Mr. President, Roy Baker and thank you Mr. Tomas Barada, Mrs. Katarzyna Kociszewska and thank you for all who have been working for it!!

We are all filled with pride and massive amounts of energies have started moving within the entire kickboxing community so that we can conclude our debut at the 2023 European Olympic Games with appropriate respect and great success. Let us celebrate together!


Go WAKO! Go WAKO Europe!

Istvan Kiraly
Acting President of WAKO Europe
Vice President of WAKO
 Mr Istvan Kiraly WAKO Europe Acting President