Information about WAKO Calendar 2021 and events 2022/2023/2024


Please find here below attached the WAKO activity Calendar 2021 (update 25.02.2021) containing events that have already been scheduled for next year.

Moreover listed below some of the main events and WAKO Championships 2022, 2023 and 2024:

2022 IWGA World Games, in Birmingham (USA), from 7th to 17th July 2022;

2022 Children, Cadets & Juniors World Championship (All disciplines), in Serbia, dates to be confirmed;

2022 Senior European Championship (All disciplines), in Turkey, dates to be confirmed;

2023 Children, Cadets & Juniors European Championship (All Disciplines), in Izmir, Turkey, dates to be confirmed;

2023 Senior World Championship (All Disciplines), in Dublin, Ireland, dates to be confirmed.

2024 Children, Cadets & Juniors World Championship (All disciplines), in Hungary, dates to be confirmed;

2024 Senior European Championship (All disciplines), in Athens, Greece, dates to be confirmed.



Calendar 2021 Update 25.02.2021