WAKO is full member of IOC

Dear Friends,

The WAKO Family has arrived to the point it has been waiting for and for what every WAKO member, athlete, referee, official, coach, general secretary and president and every Continental president and the past and current Presidents of the International Federation have been working on for decades.

It is a great honor to be a part of the WAKO Family these days and to hear this wonderful news that WAKO has been approved as a Full Member of the Olympic Family. On behalf of the European Kickboxing Federation, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Roy Baker Wako President and to everyone for the work that was put into this incredible and colossal achievement.

I am absolutely proud of everyone who put efforts into this wonderful result and worked towards this goal. Now as Full Members of the Olympic Family, we are proudly and happily looking forward to the tasks the near and distant future hold for us.

I hope that this feeling of family and this amazingly cooperative friendship will last for a very long time and that together we can someday see WAKO Kickboxing on the Summer Olympic Games as well.

I warmly congratulate everyone!


Istvan Kiraly

Acting President of WAKO Europe
Vice President of WAKO
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