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Turkish Kickboxing Federation Referee and Coach Seminar

Turkish Kickboxing Federation held a seminar between 06-08 February, 2015 in Antalya with the attendance of WAKO IF Vice President, Mr. Nasser Nassiri, WAKO Chief Referee Mr. Brian W. Beck, ex-world champion Mr. Emmanuele Bozzoloni, Coach of Russian National Kickboxing Team Mr. Iurii Filiminov, Ivan Baev and Roman Chizhov. The seminar which hosted more than 1000 coaches and referees from all over the country started with a programme on athlete health, nutrition and dopings and later on carried out with the rules of tatami and ring sports, scorings and musical forms with demonstrations.


Salim Kayici, the President of the Turkish Federation, member of WAKO IF Executive Board and the Vice President of WAKO Europe, stated in his inaugural speech, after welcoming the +1000 people who were present, "We have added this seminar to our programme in order to improve our works to carry the ever-rising Kickboxing to its rightly deserved place. Our goal in holding this seminar is to let the doctors, nutritionists, sport psychologs and the coaches and referees of WAKO to pass on their experiences to our coaches and referees in order to excel in their areas and increase our athletes international successes and the number of the medals."

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President of Turkish Kickboxing Federation
WAKO (IF) Executive Board Member
WAKO Europe Vice President

Award for Wako European

Portuguese kickboxing federation, leaded by Mr. Mario Fernandes, has decided to award with highest award "High Prestige Sports" WAKO European kickboxing federation  for its help and contribution for development of kickboxing in Portugal.


Dear friends,
Thank you!
WAKO Europe

Memorial kickboxing tournament "Ljupco Nedelkovski"

On Saturday, January 31, 2015, in city of Vinitsa, Macedonian kickboxing federation promoted for the fifth time Memorial kickboxing tournament “Ljupco Nedelkovski”. The first tournament "Ljupco Nedelkovski" took place back in March 6, 2010 in sport hall "Kale" in Skopje, and it was organized in honor of the late President of the Macedonian kickboxing federation, Ljupco Nedelkovski.

Macedonia 2015

This time in Vinitsa, sports hall “Captain Kirco Dimitriov” was too small for huge number of spectators who wanted to enjoy in high level of professional kickboxing.

Macedonian kickboxing team represented by their best fighters Miki Ivanovski, Alexander Dimovski, Dimitar Georgiev, Stojanche Tsvetkovski, Hadis Ramadani and Boban Iliovski has absolutely dominated on this prestigious tournament. Good fighters from Serbia and Turkey could not stand their power and ability in the ring.

Program has started with very nice kickboxing demonstration in the ring performed by young Milan Stojanoski and Borjan Todorov.

In next two fights audience could see excellent technique in low kick style showed by juniors from Macedonia and Serbia. Boban Ilioski defeated Dimitar Djordjevic in low kick, 71 kg by unanimous decision and Hadis Ramadani had the same score with Fazlija Redzepi in low kick, 63.5 kg. Performance of this young fighters was awarded with applause from 1500 spectators.      

       The main event of the evening was the fight in K1 rules, 81kg, where we had “clash of the titans”. Miki Ivanovski, who took bronze medal for Macedonia on last European Championships in Bilbao faced Turkish K1 rules under 86 kg Champion Oguz Seker. After three very attractive rounds Miki Ivanovski defeated Turkish Champion by unanimous decision. For his great performance Miki Ivanovski was awarded with the special cup and title of the best fighter of the fifth Memorial kickboxing tournament “Ljupco Nedelkovski”.

In other fights Alexander Dimovski defeated Fatih Yildiz in low kick, 91 kg, by split decision, Turgut Kosakoja defeated Lazar Todorovic in K1 rules, 86 kg, by k.o. Stojanche Tsvetkovski lost from Aykut Tonkal in low kick, 86 kg by split decision. Dimitar Gjorgjiev, Macedonian two times golden boy from World championships in Skopje 2011 and Antalya 2013, has showed much more than Muhamed Yildiz in low kick, 81kg and defeated him by unanimous decision.

Macedonia 2015 2

Tournament was promoted by Macedonian kickboxing federation and JP Win Sports, under the patronage and support of Council and local Government of Municipality of Vinitsa, which again proved to be a great host. For his contribution in promotion of this tournament Mayor of Vinitsa, Mr. Emil Donchev, was awarded with the plaque from Macedonian kickboxing federation.

Special guest of Macedonian kickboxing federation on this tournament was President of Turkish kickboxing federation, Mr. Salim Kayici, who is also WAKO Europe vice-president and WAKO IF Board member. On this occasion, in the name of two federations, Miss. Aleksandra Nedelkovska, who is also WAKO Europe Board member, and Mr. Salim Kayici has signed for year’s agreement of mutual cooperation, help and support in development of kickboxing in both countries. Agreement was signed during reception of both Presidents in Macedonian Olympic committee and in presence of NOC’s General Secretary Mr. Sasho Popovski and Sport Director Mr. Vladimir Bogoevski.

Macedonia 2015 3

Mr. Kayici took a chance to convey greetings from President of Turkish Olympic committee to President of Macedonian Olympic committee.

Another reception was organized by Director of Agency of youth and sport of Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Marjan Spaseski who expressed great satisfaction for visit of Mr. Kayici and his team.

This tournament was another success of kickboxing sport in Macedonia and Macedonian kickboxing federation, leaded by Miss. Aleksandra Nedelkovska.





WAKO Activity Calendar 2015

events calendar

Please find herewith enclosed WAKO activity calendar 2015.

By the present we would like to remind you the following WAKO Championships:

San Sebastian (Spain), 29th August-5th September, 2015:
WAKO Cadets/Juniors European Championships (All Disciplines)

Belgrade (Serbia), 24th-31st October, 2015:
WAKO Senior World Championships (K-1, Low Kick, Kick Light)

Dublin (Ireland), 21st-29th November, 2015:
WAKO Senior World Championships (Point Fighting, Full Contact, Light Contact, Musical Forms)

In case of any query, change or additional information please contact WAKO IF Administration:


WAKO Activity Calendar 2015


WAKO-WADA Anti Doping rules

Dear WAKO friends,

I herby attach the updated and approved WAKO-WADA Anti Doping rules which have come in to effect from 1st January this year. These rules no replace any previous rules you may have had and a copy should also be sent to your National Anti Doping Agency contacts. It is very important that a copy of these rules is also distributed to all your National Coaches in the various disciplines and that they and all your members are fully aware of the new rules and procedure within WAKO relation to Anti Doping.

2015 WAKO WADA Approved Anti Doping Rules 01/01/2015

I would also strongly suggest you have the code translated in to you own national language by a professional translator.

WAKO is already in receipt of a compliance confirmation letter from WADA based on the attached rules, which ensures we are still fully compliant and in line with the new code which came in to force worldwide on 1st January within all recognized and official sports.

If you have any queries or require clarification, do not hesitate in contacting me, I remain at your disposal in these difficult times. ()

Roy Baker

First Vice President WAKO Eurrope
General Secretary WAKO Europe
WAKO IF Board Member
M: +353 (0) 87 6775614

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