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Visit to EUSA




WAKO Europe board members Miss Aleksandra Nedelkovska and Mr. Bojan Kolev, who is also a member of WAKO Europe Education and students committee, together with Mr. Vladimir Sitar, chairman of WAKO Europe Education and students committee, have visited European Association Of University Sport (EUSA). Visit was about including kickboxing in a big family of European University Sport Association which would be a great step forward for WAKO EUROPE and kickboxing.

              In Ljubljana, capitol of Slovenia on February 21st, we had constructive meeting with the president of EUSA, Mr. Adam Roczek. On the meeting also were present Mr. Matjaz Pechovnik, secretary and Mr. Patrik Perosa , sport manager of EUSA.

    EUSA has 45 country members from Europe and this year the EUSA Championship will be in Rotterdam, Holland, including 19 sports.   

      On the meeting, which started very well, we discussed about including kickboxing  in a  big family of University sport. We explained everything about championships organized by WAKO IF and WAKO Europe and big popularity of our sport around the world. We introduce WAKO as affiliate from GAISF  and Sport Accord. Also, kickboxing is a sport which includes students in WAKO championships. For example, Mr. Kolev expressed his experience in Bulgaria where he has organized student championships   7 years in a row. That impressed representatives from   EUSA.  As a Balkan president, he suggested that Balkan championship this year should be separated from University championship. That was accepted from EUSA. President of EUSA was invited to be a part of this championships and he accepted.  

That was one plus more for WAKO Europe and for us as, representatives of WAKO Europe on this meeting.

      The president of EUSA, Mr.Roczek has introduced us with the terms that we must fulfill so WAKO Europe can be included  in EUSA and  also he gave us open hand for cooperation.   

           Country Members of Wako Europe already fulfill their activities and terms so that kick boxing will be a part of University sport as soon as possible.

      WAKO Europe must send the official request letter to be a member of EUSA.

  After that, EUSA office will send conditions about.

  In April this year EUSA will have General assembly and they will discuss  about us.

  This meeting finished very well for both sides.

Aleksandra Nedelkovska, WAKO Europe board member

Picture 1. EUSA  President, secretary  General and  sport menager  with WAKO Europe representatives.

web: www.eusa.eu

Visit to city of Bilbao

WAKO officials visiting the city of Bilbao regarding inspection of facilities and organization capability for WAKO European Championships in K1 Rules, Low Kick and Full Contact



Our visit to Spain and the city of Bilbao, in order to check how preparation for upcoming WAKO European Championships is going on, was more than satisfying because of the job already done by promoter. Moreover, we got impression that, beside the fact that technical organization of Championships will be on very high level, we will also have Spain as real, good and honest host for all of our members participating in this great WAKO event.   

These are the first impressions that we, Mr. Espen Lund (WAKO acting President), Mr. Borislav Pelevic  (WAKO Europe President and WAKO IF Vice-president) and Mr. Salim Kaiyci (WAKO IF Executive Board member and WAKO Europe Vice-president) had ​​after successful journey to Spain.   

But, let us start from the beginning:   

WAKO promoters of this region, Mr. Mendioroz Borja, Mr. Jose Vicente Eguzkiza and WAKO Spain President, Mr. Juanjo Rodriguez were our kind hosts at the first visit to the City Hall of Bilbao.

After very constructive meeting with Mrs. Sabin Anuzita, Bilbao Councilor of Sports, we had a press conference for local media in which we could see that there is significant interest in this event which will take place in October 2014.   

City of Bilbao offers a great possibilities concerning hotel accommodation. Sport hall in which Championships will be organized has all necessary facilities for hosting such a big event with huge number of participants. Hotels are very good, distance between hotels and sport hall is that kind that requires simple logistics when it comes to transportation.

After the presentation of the planned hotel for accommodation of all participants and sport hall, WAKO Spain, as promoter of next WAKO European Championships has got “green light” for their future work.

Despite the fact that they had relatively short time, promoters, the City Government of Bilbao and the Basque Region made a great job so far. Because of that we can all be sure that next WAKO European Championships will be another great WAKO event. 

 The beauty of Bilbao and the Basque Region in general is well known all around the World. We will have the privilege to enjoy in it.

 WAKO Europe President

Prof. Borislav Pelevic Ph.D.

Bilbao-City-Hall  WAKO-officials-in-Bilbao

Foundation of WAKO European

For the first time ever in WAKO history on December 1st 2013 General Assembly for foundation of WAKO European kickboxing Federation (WAKO EUROPE) took place at Pine Maritim Beach Resort in Antalya, Turkey, during the Senior World Championships for Point Fighting, Light Contact, Kick Light, Full Contact and Musical Forms, that is taking place from 29th November to 8th December 2013.

Mr. Borislav Pelevic, President of Serbian Kickboxing Federation, was elected as President of the WAKO EUROPE, new WAKO Continental Division, by unanimous decision.

Among the Board members were elected the following:

President - Borislav Pelevic ( Serbia)

First Vice- President - Roy Baker (Ireland)

Vice-President - Francesca Falsoni  (Italy)

Vice-President – Salim Kayici  (Turkey)

Vice-President - Yury Filimonov  (Russia)

Board members:

Boyan Kolev (Bulgaria)

Rene Bosch (Switzerland)

Aleksandra Nedelkovska (FYR Macedonia)

Katarzyna Kociszewska ( Polland)

Olga Pavlenko ( Ukraina)

Nicolaus Gstaettner (Austria)


Good luck Wako Europe

WAKO Europe HQ

Blagajska 15/41
(Mr. Srdjan Bugarcic),
11050 Belgrade, Serbia.

Contact phone:
+381 63 289 322


Acting president
Mr. Istvan Kiraly
+ 36 309 400 935

Mr Istvan Kiraly WAKO Europe Acting President

Srđan Bugarčić
+ 381 63 289 322
srdjan bugarcic 145

WAKO Europe
Istvan Kiraly (HUN)
Salim Kayici (TUR)
Francesca Falsoni (ITA)
Yury Filimonov (RUS)
Nikolaus Gstattner (AUT)
Katarszyna Kocisewska (POL)
Olga Pavlenko (UKR)
Daimi Akin (NOR)
Romeo Desa (HRV)
Tomaz Barada (SVN)
Michaela Kovacova (SVK)
Michail Trantafillou (GRC)



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