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logo en2xMontreal, 16 March 2020

Dear Colleagues,
[Anti-Doping Organizations and Laboratories]In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) wishes to share some important information regarding WADA-accredited laboratories as well as those approved by WADA for blood analysis in connection with the Athlete Biological Passport.
Last week, four accredited laboratories, in Rome (Italy), Montreal (Canada), Madrid and Barcelona (Spain), indicated they were temporarily suspending operations due to the ongoing crisis. WADA anticipates that more laboratories, particularly in Europe, may follow suit.
WADA has been in touch with all four laboratories to ensure that the integrity of the anti-doping samples is maintained during this period of closure. To that end, any laboratory that makes the decision to suspend activities must:

  • Inform its clients immediately of this decision and instruct them not to deliver any more samples for analysis if samples cannot be properly handled and stored.
  • Establish a procedure whereby samples that are already on their way to the laboratory can be securely received and either redirected to another accredited laboratory or safely stored frozen for when the laboratory's analytical activity resumes.
  • Devise a strategy for safe analysis of the samples once normal activities resume, bearing in mind that some of the thawed samples may contain the virus.

In addition, WADA kindly asks Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs) not to send samples to laboratories that have suspended operations until further notice (unless specifically requested to do so by the laboratory itself) and check with other laboratories in advance to make sure they are still accepting samples for analysis.
ADOs should refer to the Accredited Laboratories section of WADA's website where the Agency will publish similar disruptions as the situation evolves.
WADA will continue to monitor this exceptional situation closely and make the necessary decisions and recommendations that will prioritize the health of all those involved in the protection of clean sport. Laboratories are encouraged to advise WADA of any amendments they are making to their activities so that WADA can coordinate, assist and advise the anti-doping community as necessary.
Thank you for your cooperation and best regards,
World Anti-Doping Agency


Montreal, 4 March 2020

logo en2xDear Colleagues,The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is pleased to announce that – further to the amendments made to the Technical Document for Sport Specific Analysis (TDSSA) following the stakeholder consultation process conducted in 2019 – it has developed an online application system for Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs) to apply for flexibility in the implementation of the Minimum Levels of Analysis (MLAs) for the sports and disciplines contained within the TDSSA. An ADO can qualify for flexibility in the implementation of the TDSSA MLAs based on the following two scenarios:

  • The implementation of a haematological module of the Athlete Biological Passport (ABP); and
  • Other non-ABP related criteria e.g. prioritization of target testing, collaboration with other ADOs, use of intelligence in the implementation of an ADO's anti-doping program, etc*.

The application process is located within the Code Compliance Center (CCC – previously the Code Compliance Questionnaire) platform through which ADOs are required to answer a number of questions against set criteria (listed in Article 6 of the TDSSA) as well as upload supporting documents – including their Risk Assessments, Test Distribution Plans and Registered Testing Pools. On completion of the application, and based on the answers to the questions, ADOs will receive a pre-approved level of flexibility (up to a maximum of 50%) for the implementation of the MLAs for the sports or disciplines they seek flexibility for. This pre-approved flexibility is subject to review by WADA. ADOs that are interested in applying for flexibility in the implementation of the MLAs should contact WADA to outline their intentions at . WADA will subsequently open access to the online application by sending an "Invitation Notification" to interested ADOs. For more information, ADOs are encouraged to read the Application for Flexibility User Guide before contacting WADA.Revised TDSSA Testing GuidesTo further support implementation of version 5.0 of the TDSSA, WADA would like to remind ADOs to utilize the updated Testing Guides for Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agents (ESAs)Growth Hormone (GH) and Growth Hormone Releasing Factors (GHRFs). ADOs are encouraged to consult these Guides to support their testing strategies when applying analysis for these categories of substances within the scope of the TDSSA.Should you have any questions relating to the above, please do not hesitate to contact .Best regards,World Anti-Doping Agency

* The full list of non-ABP related criteria can be found in TDSSA Article 6.2.


logo en2xMontreal, 20 February 2020

Dear Colleagues,
[International Federations (IFs) and National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs)]
The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) wishes to update you regarding the 3 February announcement of the China Anti-Doping Agency's (CHINADA's) temporary suspension of their testing program on mainland China due to the new coronavirus, also known as Covid-19.
WADA has been closely monitoring the situation and is in regular contact with CHINADA to maintain the integrity of the anti-doping program in China. To that end, we are pleased to inform you that CHINADA has advised that it will resume testing missions within China this week, on a phased basis. Priority will be given to testing elite level athletes from higher-risk categories and sports.
The safety of athletes and sample collection personnel involved in the doping control process within China is a key priority. This needs to be balanced with the importance of ensuring that Chinese athletes remain subject to a rigorous testing program for the duration of the coronavirus situation.
While sample collection will resume this week, CHINADA has implemented a supplementary set of doping control guidelines to be followed during this period. These additional guidelines for CHINADA Doping Control Officers (DCOs) are designed as a precaution, to minimize the risk of infection. CHINADA will gradually expand the testing scope based on the progress of China's epidemic prevention and control while also monitoring the whereabouts of Chinese athletes to maintain the integrity of the doping control system.
The enhanced DCO guidelines include the following:

  • DCOs selected to conduct missions shall be those that have no travel records, no contact with people from affected areas or suspect areas.
  • DCOs are required to monitor their health for 14 days and undertake medical screening from a hospital prior to being appointed to missions.
  • Each sports training centre will prepare a sterile room to be used for doping control.
  • DCOs shall wear a medical protective mask and gloves throughout the whole procedure and change for each athlete tested.
  • Athletes and their representatives are also required to wear medical protective equipment.
  • CHINADA has set up a 'Doping Control and Epidemic-Prevention Experts Panel', consisting of anti-doping experts and anti-epidemic specialists in clinical medicine. DCOs have been trained in anti-epidemic procedures and shall report to this panel after each testing mission.

CHINADA will shortly make contact with those Anti-Doping Organizations that have the right to collect samples from Chinese athletes in China and, under this strict protocol, is willing to accept missions from those organizations, in addition to those organized by CHINADA under its own program, at the sports training centers where testing will begin. 
While testing on mainland China was temporarily suspended, it should be noted that CHINADA had continued to plan and conduct testing on Chinese athletes training and competing outside of China. In January 2020, CHINADA conducted more than 1,200 tests, including 114 urine samples and 80 blood samples from Chinese athletes training abroad. A further 165 urine samples and 113 blood samples are planned to be collected in February across seven countries and nine Olympic sports.
For IFs
To supplement CHINADA's testing outside China, WADA calls on all IFs to further support this effort by considering testing Chinese athletes that are competing in your international events. In addition, we strongly encourage those IFs that have Chinese athletes in your Registered Testing Pools to monitor their whereabouts closely to ensure that if there are opportunities to test those athletes outside of China, such testing opportunities are seriously considered. For testing on athletes located inside China, please contact CHINADA.
To supplement CHINADA's testing outside of China, WADA calls on all NADOs to further support this effort by offering your assistance to conduct testing on Chinese athletes that may be training in your country. This can be done by contacting CHINADA or through your own initiative. As a reminder, under the World Anti-Doping Code, your NADO is permitted to test foreign athletes that are training in your country. 
WADA thanks you for your collaborative effort and support during this difficult situation and commits to updating you as the situation progresses further.
Should you have any queries on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact .
World Anti-Doping Agency

WAKO Activity Calendar 2020 -update 28/02/2020

WAKO LogoDear WAKO members,

Please find here below attached the WAKO activity Calendar 2020 (updated at 28/02/2020).
We would like to remind you some of the main events taking place during the year 2020 in the five continents as follows:

WAKO Oceania Championship 2020
Canberra, Australia, from 17th to 19th April 2020

WAKO African Championship 2020 (Full contact and Low Kick)
Yaounde, Cameroun, from 21st to 26th April 2020

5th European Universities Games 2020
Belgrade, Serbia, from 21st to 25th July 2020

WAKO African Championship 2020 (K-1 and Tatami Sports)
, South Africa, 25th-26th July 2020

WAKO Cadets & Juniors World Championships (All disciplines)
Belgrade, Serbia, from 21st to 30th August 2020

WAKO Asian Championship 2020
South Korea, October 2020
(dates and place to be confirmed)

WAKO Senior & Master European Championships (All disciplines)
Antalya, Turkey, from 10th to 18th October 2020

WAKO PanAmerican Championship 2020
Foz do Iguacu, Brasil, from 11th to 15th November 2020

Following WAKO rules and regulations the eligibility for the participation is reserved only to WAKO national Federation/Association members that have fulfilled all the obligations in that year (including payment of the annual affiliation fee to WAKO IF).

In case of any change or update to be made to the Calendar please contact:

For advertising material (poster, invitation ecc.) about your event already present on Calendar to be published on WAKO website please send it to:

IMPORTANT: please send the poster in high resolution and possibly both in vertical and horizontal format.

Thanks for cooperation,

best regards

WAKO Administration


WAKO Calendar 2020 - update 28.02.2020 (452 KB)

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