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WAKO European Cup “Karlovac OPEN”

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Karlovac, Croatia,   9th-10th February 2019

European kickboxing Cup “Karlovac Open” has been one of the biggest kickboxing competitions in WAKO Europe for 9 years. Every year the quality of the competition is improving so this Cup has become the most popular gathering of the new kickboxing season. Edition 2019 hosted 1890 competitors from 179 European clubs and amazing number of 31 country.

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Two sport halls were equipped for the whole day fights, first day in ring disciplines and point fighting and the second day light contact and kick light.

The evening was reserved, as always, for the best final ring fights, which attract the local audience as well.

The competition was organized by Kickboxing Club “Tigar” Karlovac, under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Croatia, the Central State Office for Sport, the Croatian Olympic Committee and the City of Karlovac.

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Ring disciplines:

  1. Croatia   (21 gold medal)
  2. Ukraine (12 gold medals)
  3. Serbia (6 gold medals)

Tatami discipines:

  1. Hungary (92 gold)
  2. Croatia (48 gold)
  3. Italy (29 gold)

Best clubs ring:

  1. WAKO Ukraine
  2. Kickboxing club “Pit Bull”, Croatia
  3. Sveti Duh-Osijek, Croatia
  4. Kick box club “Batajnica”, Serbia
  5. WAKO Israel

Best clubs tatami:

  1. KiralyTeam, Hungary
  2. Debreczeni Team, Hungary
  3. Masary Team, Bulgaria
  4. STAR Team, Bulgaria
  5. Fighter “Nowa Sol”, Poland


Serbia Open 2019 - WAKO European Cup K-1 and KL

Dear WAKO friends,

It is my pleasure and great honor to invite You and Your Team to take part in WAKO European Kickboxing Cup “SERBIA OPEN” in Belgrade, Serbia, which will be held from 15th to 17th March 2019.
“SERBIA OPEN” is tournament with long tradion and great success and is stilll the place where the sport and friendship meets.
Serbian Kickboxing Federation, as promoter of the event, is ready to host participants from all over the world and to show them warm hospitality and unforgetable moments.

Please, read all information carefully and if you need any additonal help about travel conditions and accommodation in Belgrade, don't hesitate to contact us at:

Tel. +381 11 4066 528
Mob. +381 64 277 64 82
I look forward to seeing You and Your team in Belgrade.

Serbian kickboxing federation

Mr. Srdjan Bugarčić

Invitation Letter Serbia Open

Accomodation Special Offer


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WAKO Extraordinary General Assembly took place at Sheraton Malpensa Hotel in Milan, on 2nd February 2019

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Present were representatives of 51 countries which had the right to vote. From three candidates appointed, Mr. Nasser Nassiri, Iran, pulled out his candidacy the day before the General Assembly and two candidates were left: Mrs. Olga Pavlenko, Ukraine and Mr. Roy Baker, Ireland.

Firstly a short presentation of the two candidates, they introduced themselves and presented the plans for the future. Than the voting could start.

After appointing an electoral and scrutinized commission, the conformity and transparency has been confirmed. Votes were held by secret ballot in a controlled but transparent way: each country was called, they came forward one by one receiving voting card, went to the booth, made the decision, and inserted decision in the ballot urn. The best practice.

The commission counted the votes and it was announced that with 47 votes the new WAKO President is Mr. Roy Baker. Three votes were for the opponent and one void vote.

The new WAKO President Mr. Roy Baker thanked to all members of the Assembly, introducing the short speech about the main ideas and the concept of work he would like to have in the organization:

" Thank you for your confidence in me. I promise I will do everything in my power to help the athletes, the coaches, the national federations, the continental federations .

Individual commitment to a group effort is what will make WAKO work. A team will make WAKO work. I will rely on the WAKO Board, administration and the national federations and when we come together, we will move forward. I will rely on my family, who allowed me to go for this. The great things in sport are never done by one person.

Trust me, the presidency is a very tough job. I would like to thank the people who listened to me without judgment, who spoke with me without prejudice, who helped me without entitlement and understood me without pretension. We are responsible for the young children in our sport. They are our future.

The sport of kickboxing has been the fundamental shaper of the person I am today, it gives me confidence, resilience and joy. I gave the most of my life to this sport. And I will continue to do so. Thank you very much."

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A short Biography of Mr. Roy Baker:

Roy Baker is a former World and European champion of kickboxing, current president of WAKO Ireland and current president of WAKO Europe. Professionally, he is a director of SSE, which is FTSE 20 company with a multi billion turnover. He has the degree in Credit management, degree in IT Integration and Masters in Management. He is A six sigma lean master Black belt. He is now the first Irishman to be a President of a World governing body of a sport recognized by the IOC. He has two children, who are the very center of his life and he never misses the opportunity to stress that.

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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to you, for those that don't celebrate Christmas's,  I hope you will surround yourself with loved ones and family.  I wish you all a glorious year ahead.

Roy Baker
President WAKO Europe

Seminar for Coaches and Referees 2018

Dear All,

Turkish Kickboxing Federation has organised seminar for Coaches and Referees which took place between December 07 – 09, 2018 in Antalya, Turkey. Seminar was attended by 1150 Coaches and Referees in total. The program started with the opening remarks of Mr. Salim KAYICI, the President of Turkish Kickboxing Federation and WAKO Europe
Vice-President. Following Mr. KAYICI, WAKO Europe President Mr. Roy BAKER and WAKO IF Vice-President Mr. Espen LUND addressed the attendants. After their remarks, chairman of WAKO Europe Referee
DSC 8868

Committee for tatami spots Mr. Brian W. BECK and the chairman of WAKO Europe Referee Committee for ring sports, Mr. Sami SAVO presented the general competition rules and the recently changed rules. The attendants were also given seminars on banned substances, substance abuse, anti-doping and fight against drugs.

Seminar was also conducted for development of tatami disciplines and it  was run by Mr. Roy Baker, former multiple World Champion for Point Fighting and Mr. Tomaz Barada, WAKO Europe Board member and former multiple World Champion, for Light Contact. Big WAKO family on one place had a pleasure to celebrate WAKO recognition by IOC.

Best Regards,
President of Turkish Kickboxing Federation

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WAKO Europe HQ

Blagajska 15/41
(Mr. Srdjan Bugarcic),
11050 Belgrade, Serbia.

Contact phone:
+381 63 289 322


Acting president
Mr. Istvan Kiraly
+ 36 309 400 935

Mr Istvan Kiraly WAKO Europe Acting President

Srđan Bugarčić
+ 381 63 289 322
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WAKO Europe
Istvan Kiraly (HUN)
Salim Kayici (TUR)
Francesca Falsoni (ITA)
Yury Filimonov (RUS)
Nikolaus Gstattner (AUT)
Katarszyna Kocisewska (POL)
Olga Pavlenko (UKR)
Daimi Akin (NOR)
Romeo Desa (HRV)
Tomaz Barada (SVN)
Michaela Kovacova (SVK)
Michail Trantafillou (GRC)



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