6th International Turkish Kick Boxing European Cup

The 6th International Turkish Kickboxing European Cup, which was part of the WAKO 2021 Calendar, was held from 08-11 April 2021.  There were 388 clubs, 1500 athletes, over 300 trainers, referees and administrators from 15 countries in participation.  The tournament was held according to the European Cup pandemic guidelines.  All participants had to have proof of a Covid-19 test before entering the hotel, and those with negative results were permitted to participate in the tournament. WAKO IF President, Mr. Roy Baker spoke at the opening ceremony. The 6th International Turkish Kickboxing European Cup is the first WAKO event held in a long time due to the pandemic.  Mr. Salim Kayici, WAKO IF Vice President, WAKO Europe Vice President and the Turkish Kickboxing Federation President, thanked Mr. Roy Baker and all the participating countries, and clubs for their support of this event.

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Best Regards,

WAKO IF Vice President

WAKO Europe Vice President

Turkish Kickboxing Federation President