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The Bulgarian center of Bansko was the theater of 2 WAKO referees summer camps.

27-30th July 2018: in Bulgarian summer and winter center Bansko, Bulgarian Confederation of Kickboxing and MT hosted second WAKO International Summer Referee Camp for tatami referees and first WAKO International Summer Referee Camp for ring referees.
Bansko is in the south-western part of Bulgaria, 160 km from the capital of Bulgaria, near Pirin Natural Park, under mountain range Pirin with highest point Vihren (high 2914 m).

In the beautiful hotel Pirin House in Terra Complex, the 2nd WAKO International Summer Referee Camp for tatami referees was held with 67 WAKO referees from 21 countries (18 domestic and 49 from Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, FYR of Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine - 23 women and 44 men).

During 4 days of seminar, referees rehearsed their knowledge of theoretical and practical rules and analyzed several problematic cases from previous WAKO Championships. The seminar was led by Brian Beck - Chairman of WAKO Tatami Referee Committee, the lectures were held by Brian Beck, Karl Wilson, Manuel Doria, Ivo Vodopivec and Gina Engelhardt-Aué. Alex Engelhardt presented the SportData computer system.

Summer Referee Camp 1

From 1. to 3. August, in same hotel, the 1st WAKO International Summer Referee Camp for ring referees was held. At this second part of camp participated 61 WAKO referees from 15 countries (14 domestic and 47 from other countries - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Spain, and Ukraine - 8 women and 53 men).

The seminar was led by Yuri Lakhtikov - Chairman of WAKO Ring Referee Committee, lectures were held by Yuri Lakhtikov and Romeo Desa, and the practical part by Yuri Lakhtikov, Marco Pacor and Tomislav Novosel.

Organizers of the first part of seminars were Ivan Ivanov, Denitsa Milenkova, Ivan Georgiev; the organizers of the second part were Georgi Georgiev, Dimitar Spasov, Stanislava Boytcheva and Ivan Georgiev.

They provided great organization and hospitality for all camp participants.

Summer Referee Camp 2

Kickboxers from Bulgaria participated for the purposes of practical parts of the seminar. The clubs present for the tatami practical lessons were Ikken, CSKA Sofia, Skaptopara, Optix, Aabc and Aris. For the ring practical lessons we had the following clubs: Armeec, Boil, Patriot, Pride and Glory). The athletes were all very patient and tireless, and demonstrated to be excellent presenters of various problematic situations where referees and judges practiced their skills. At the end of all demonstration exercises, the young Bulgarian kickboxers received a great applause from all the participants.

Upon invitation of the organizers, both seminars were attended by Romeo Desa - Special Adviser of WAKO President and WAKO Europe Board Member, who held several meetings and talks with WAKO Referee Tatami Committee and committees' chairmen Brian Beck and Yuri Lakhtikov. During those meetings several things about rules, rule's changes, procedures of changes, future improvements of camp and seminars were discussed, as well as the cooperation between WAKO Organizing and Referee Committees on WAKO Championships.

All referees were very satisfied with all what was prepared and organized by the local organizers, they gave all the best marks for seminars, new knowledge, programs of seminars, presentations and practical lessons, accommodation and food in a beautiful hotel. All promised "we will come next year".

Also, very important to emphasize, Bulgarian federation was sponsor of both events, without its financial support it would be hard to organize both camps in this successful format. To all of this, both WAKO Referee Committees thank Bulgarian kickboxing and MT confederation as well as members of the local organizing committee.

Look at the gallery to see glimpes of these rich summer camps

Summer Referee Camp 3

Turkish Open 2018 report

3rd International Turkish Open Kickboxing Tournament in memory of Alperen Atabay was held in PGS Kremlin Palace Hotel, Antalya, Turkey from 5th to 8th April 2018. The tournament has 2353 participants from 27 countries and 4 continents. This year’s event became one of the biggest in the world, with highest number of participants in ring sports and with one of the few highest overall. The event started with opening speeches of Mr. Salim KAYICI, President of  Turkish Kickboxing Federation and WAKO Europe Vice President and Mr. Roy BAKER, President of WAKO Europe.

turkish open 2018 2

turkish open 2018 3

Antalya Province Vice Governor Mrs. Canan HANÇER BAŞTÜRK, Sports Vice General Director Mr. Ömer Altınsoy, Antalya Sports & Youth Provincial Vice Director Associate Professor Burhanettin Hacıcaferoğlu were present at the event. Athlete with down syndrome Yücel Mehmet ASA performed kickboxing demonstration. Participants also raised WhiteCard to support Peace through Sport. Starting from next year, Turkish Open will give out money awards. Thanks to everyone who participated or contributed in this event.

More photos in gallery

turkish open 2018

Serbia Open 2018 - report

Serbia Open European Kickboxing Cup, 17-18th March 2018, Belgrade

Disciplines: K-1 Rules, Kick light

Serbia Open European Kickboxing Cup was a successful event.

The participation of 257 competitors from 69 clubs, once again confirmed the interest in this Cup. The best WAKO competitors in the ring K-1 discipline gathered in Belgrade. There was also a competition in Kick light tatami discipline.

During the Cup the Sportdata electronic scoring system was used, thus simplifying, accelerating and transparently showing the scoring quality.

At any moment, the audience could have an insight into the status of the scoreboard on the screens next to the ring.

The final bouts picked up for the Gala evening show expressed the whole beauty of this sport.

The audience was able to enjoy the 13 matches, among which competed the WAKO World champions as well as the participants of the World Games.

serbia open 2018

Of all participating countries, Serbia resulted the first one, with 44 gold, 52 silver and 64 bronze medals. The host country had also the highest number of registered participants (160), and in the final order moved farther away from the other medal winners.

The second nation in terms of success was Bosnia and Herzegovina (gold 6, silver 5, bronze 4) and third one was Slovakia (gold 6, silver 4, bronze 3).

Some numbers:

12 nations

69 teams

257 competitors

1500 spectators at the gala evenin

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Dear WAKO friends,

Balkan Open 2018 held in Tešanj 24.03.2018 /Bosnia and Herzegovina,participation number of entries 707,number of clubs 96,number of countries 15.

WAKO supervizor Mr.Srđan Bugarčić, Leader Competition Mr.Rodeo Deša.

Delegate Competition Kickboxing Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr.Nermin Bašović.

Chief judge Neđo Bratić,Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Competition held on 4 tatamis and 2 ring.Event was heald in a sport atmosphere.

Balkan open 2018 report

Balkan Open 2018 another great WAKO event has been successfully organised traditionaly 10 times.Top level of organisation has shown that,year after year this signification tournament has improved in every way-from sports,competing,overality and organisation to hospitality.

Both female and male kickboxers has shown high quality in their performances and presented all the beauty of sport to big crowd of spectators.

Balkan open 2018 report 2

By this we would like to show our respect and thank to Promotor,Mr.Alija Ogrić

Balkan Open was attended by Mr.Vladimir Sitar President WAKO Balkan Kickboxing Union, Mr.Romeo Deša Advisor to President IF WAKO,Mr.Srdjan Bugarčić General Secretary WAKO Europe, Mr.Dejan Mitrovski President Kickboxing Federation Makedonia,Mr.Tomislav Bilandžić President Kickboxing Federation Croatia,Mr.Dragutin Papović President Kickboxing Federation Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Minister of economy of Zenica-Doboj Canton ,mayor town of Tešanj with your associates, and Mr.Alija Ogrić Vice President WAKO Balkan Kickboxing Union.

Minister of economy of Zenica-Doboj Canton was open tournament.Balkan Open 2018 partipacipated competitors from Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Makedonia, Montenegro, Danish, Grece, Izrael, Poland and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Best team in the ring disciplines WAKO Makedonia team and tatami discipline Team Masaru/Bulgaria.

The judges made a very good job,and a lot of thanks goes to them

Balkan open 2018 report 3


We thank all participants for coming.

See you next year…

The official results of the Balkan Open 2018 was heald 24.03.2018 in


Alija Ogrić Vice President WAKO Balkan Kickboxing Union


Dear WAKO friends,

Another great WAKO event has been successfully organised in Sarajevo, capitol of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This time WAKO GRAND PRIX BIH 2018 hosted over 530 competitors of all ages from 78 clubs representing 6 countries. Top level of organisation has shown that, year after year this significant tournament has improved in every way - from sports, competing, overall quality and organisation, to hospitality.
Both female and male kickboxers has shown high quality in their performances and presented all the beauty of our sport to big crowd of spectators.
By this we would like to show our respect and thank to Promoter, Mr Nermin Basovic and "KICKBOXING ACADEMY Ilidza” for his great job.
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See you next year!






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