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WAKO European K-1 Cup Prague 2016 report

WAKO European K-1 Cup Prague 2016

22nd - 24th September


One could almost touch the energy in the air. Two days on four rings more than 300 fighters were seeking for the victory in the Arena Sparta in Prague. It was the tournament in WAKO K-1 discipline- the strongest, the toughtest.

wako ec prague k1 2016

The level of adrenalin was extremely high. Many of the fighters entered in the fights seeking for the KO.Unpredictable and intresting fights, fights without a compromise.

Two days there was a live stream on the Czech full contact Union web site.

Congratulations to the organizer for the fantastic tournament.

wako ec prague k1 2016 2

Jan Frana, representing the organizer Czech full contact Union:

"One division K-1 is enough to fulfill the expectations for the good fights. We have here all age divisions: cadets, juniors, seniors, female and men, and all weight divisions. With more than 300 entries, we have four rings and fights two days with Gala night show with all senior final fights with one fight in Pro for the title. I can tell that we can be satisfied with the good tournament and good quality of the fighters from 20 countries. Many teams came here with the national team selection so we have here A class fighters. In some divisions, we had more than 20 fighters in qualifications, so the competition was very high.This is the last gathering of the best K-1 fighters before the European championships in Maribor, which is the qualifying tournament for The World Games. Good test for everybody. I have to say that I am satisfied personally because we have on the finals ten Czech fighters. We have prize money provided for the each winner in seniors division in amount of 1000 EU for men and 500 EU for a woman.I have never seen such good money awards on the tournaments like this. Hope that next year we will have more competitors and this tournament will grow in all senses."


wako ec prague k1 2016 3

wako ec prague k1 2016 4 wako ec prague k1 2016 5

Event reports

WAKO LogoDear All,

Attached you can find Official reports from WAKO World Cup Irish Open and WAKO World Cup Austrian Classic.

Irish Open 2016
Austrian Classic 2016

Reports made by Mr. Romeo Deša, WAKO Organizing Committee member.

Hungarian World Cup 2016 report

Zsolt Moradi, member of the Organizing Committee of the Hungarian World Cup:


This is a pritty big tournament, and this is my first tournament where I am on the other side od the arena: I am a member of the Organizing committee of the Hungarian World Cup.

hungarian world cup 2016

This was the big challenge for me knowing that I am originally a fighter, not a sports manager at the first place and the second, we moved this World cup to another place, from Szeged to Budapest and that were the most challenging facts. But, I realised that after so many tournaments where I have participated as experienced fighter, now I feel like the beginner. This is a little bit weird but this is his great challenge for me. As I am always seeking for the challenges, maybe I became a great organizer.

hungarian world cup 2016 2

This is the great honour hat I had the opportunity to be on the team with these great people and the fact that Hungarian Kickboxing federation invited me to be a part of the Organizing Committee, makes me really proud after so many years spent on the tatami. I was super busy in the last two weeks before competition has started and sometimes I thought that it is much easier to be a fighter than the organizer. I expected that and I started to like this job, it is different very much than to be on the tatami.

From this year Hungarian world cup will be organized in Budapest, the Capital city. This is based on the request of many national teams that is much easier to reach Budapest and the fact that here we have better facilities for the big tournament.

hungarian world cup 2016 3     hungarian world cup 2016 4

This year we have a huge record of participants: registrations from 33 countries, 1400 competitors registered for the tournament and more than 2300 entries. This is great. The best number ever. Also, we have a live broadcast on the biggest National sports channel which is, regarding popularity of kickboxing in Hungary, very important. It will last two hours and there will be some of the best final fights. We were preparing this really hard.

hungarian world cup 2016 5

This is important event regarding the interest of the teams to be prepared for the World Games in K1. We have here all the fighting disciplines, K1 as well, so competition is very strong and this is a great chance for fighters who are preparing for next World Games.

budapest world cup 2016 10     hungarian world cup 2016 7

Piter Galambos, President of Hungarian Kickboxing Federation, member of the Promoters team:

With changing the place for Hungarian World Cup, we provided better conditions to have a big tournament and that is very important concerning the constant growth of a number of competitors. Here we have all WAKO fighting disciplines. Due to the popularity of kickboxing in Hungary, here we have the Opening ceremony very important people from the political establishment in Hungary. Also, as the President of Hungarian kickboxing Federation, I must say that I am very satisfied with Hungarian team in this tournament, especially I am satisfied that our K1 fighters have a very good chance to have fights before Championships which will be a qualification for the World Games.The only thing we couldn't affect with our work was the weather. We had rain all the time, but I hope that all participants had a chance for some sightseeing.

hungarian world cup 2016 Zsolt Moradi Peter Galambos
Zsolt Moradi with Peter Galambos, members of the Organizing Committee of Hungarian Cup 2016

hungarian world cup 2016 Roy Baker
Roy Baker, European WAKO President, congratulate to the Organizing team for the great job.

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Polish Open 2016 report

Beautiful city of Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski in Poland hosted this year WAKO Europe cup "Polish Open". This great tournament took place from April 29 till May 01, 2016.
More than 400 fighters competed in 4 kickboxing disciplines: Point fighting, Kicklight contact, Full contact and Low kick. All of them showed great desire, skills and determination to win. Spectators could only enjoy in great achievements made by top level fighters.

polish open 2016 report

Among the best clubs were presented: CCA Champion Lubawa, DAN Swidnik, X Fight Piaseczno and KBC Panthers Presov.
Promoter of WAKO European cup Polish Open was Ostrowiecki Club Sportow Walki and they did a great job. We congratulate them for good organization and wish them even more success next year.

WAKO Europe administration

polish open 2016 report2

BALKAN OPEN 2016 report

Balkan Open 2016 held in Tesanj 07.05.2016 / Bosnia and Herzegovina, participation number of entries 455, number of competitors 330, number of clubs 82, number of countries 12. Competition held on 4 tatamis and 1ring. Event was held in a sports atmosphere.

Balkan open 2016 3

Balkan Open was attended by Minister of sport and Minister of economy of Zenica-Doboj Canton, mayor town of Tesanj, President  Kickboxing Federation Ukraine Olga Pavlenko, President  Kickboxing Federation Croatian Tomislav Bilandžić, member of the Sports Committee of Ukraine Anna Zahyrova and vice president WAKO Kickboxing Balkan Union Alija Ogrić.

Balkan open 2016 1

Balkan Open partipacipated competitors from Ukraina, Austria, Sweden, Denmark,  Slovenia, Hungary, Croatian, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Best team in the ring disciplines team Sv. Georgije B. Luka Bosnia and Herzegovina and tatami discipline the team Metex05-Controll Sportclub Hungary.

We thank all participants for coming. The judges made a very god job, and a lot of thanks goes to them.

Balkan open 2016 2

The official results of the Balkan Open 2016 was held 07.05.2016 in kickboxing-data.com

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Alija Ogrić
Vice president WAKO Balkan Kickboxing Union

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