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It is with great pride, as the Interim President of WAKO, to hereby announce the best message for the WAKO family ever.

WAKO has been granted today with IOC’s provisional recognition.

The decision was taken by the IOC Executive Board in Tokyo Japan on 30th November 2018 upon the IOC Sports Department’s recommendation.

WAKO has experienced a massive development in the last years and we really feel we all collectively deserve such recognition. All our Hard work, focused attention on development, patience and a dedicated and competent team has finally paid off. When everything is settled it is time to reach for new and higher goals.

Please take this special moment to reflect on how far we have come, but more importantly how far we have to go. To finally achieve this goal is the end of a long but constructive and developing marathon, even though such recognition will lead to obligations for us to follow up and develop.

Since our application was delivered in August 2016, we have seen a great positive and constructive contribution from many people. In acknowledgement of the work, I thank everybody involved, and in particular the International Relations team who constructed the application and lead all the discussions with the IOC: Espen Lund, Chairman, Roy Baker and our former President Borislav Pelevic; tank you also to WAKO Administration and the Legal Committee. All undertook a huge task for our sport and delivered. Bravo to everybody in WAKO, what a fantastic day for our sport! This will have a positive and dramatic effect on our sport in all five Continents.

It is also important to dedicate this recognition to Borislav Pelevic that supported and approved all the work done. Not to say to Ennio Falsoni that founded the WAKO we see today.

We know that such recognition will be very important for the recognition and support for all our national members. We will come back with more specific information about this issue, its consequences and its impact. Congratulations to the WAKO family!

Sincerely yours,
Francesca Falsoni,
WAKO Interim President


Wako recognized by the IOC
Letter from IOC


Maribor EC: all official results, medals table and statistics

maribor 2018 300

All official results, medals table, partcipation count and statistics of the WAKO Senior European Championships for the disciplines Point Fighting, Light Contact, Full Contact and Musical Forms, held in Maribor (Slovenia), from 17th to 25th November 2018, can be found on www.sportdata.org and here listed below.

Photo album is coming soon...


   Medals Nation TATAMI (51 KB)
   Medals Nation RING (44 KB)
   Medals Nation New (52 KB)


WAKO activity calendar for 2019

WAKO LogoDear WAKO members,

Please find herewith enclosed the WAKO activity calendar 2019.
By the present we would like to remind you of some of the main events taking place during the year 2019:

Gyor, Hungary, August 23rd - 1st September 2019
WAKO Cadets and Juniors European Championships

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 19th-27th October 2019
WAKO Senior World Championships (K-1, LK, LC)

Antalya, Turkey, 23rd November - 1st December 2019
WAKO Senior World Championships (PF, KL, MF, FC)

Following WAKO rules and regulations the eligibility for the participation is reserved only to WAKO national Federation/Association members.

Please take note that we are still waiting for further information/updates from WAKO Continental Divisions about events to be held in 2019, so accordimgly as soon as received the calendar will be updated accordingly.
However in the meantime, based on this calendar, you can start to plan your activities for next year!

In case of any change please contact:
Roy Baker, WAKO (IF) Technical Director -


Activity calendar - update March 2019


Death of Prof. Borislav Pelevic, WAKO President

preminuo Borislav Pelevic KBSS WAKO WAKOEU

Dear Members, Dear Friends, Dear WAKO Family.

It is with great sadness and pain, I inform you that in the early hours today Thursday 25th October our president Prof. Borislav Pelevic, died, suddenly at home, in Belgrade Serbia. Firstly and most importantly my thoughts and prayers are with his family as are yours.

A true leader in our sport, he was born on 22nd November 1956, a professor of Sport Administration and an active professor in Belgrade University. He was former president of the nationalist Party of Serbian Unity and a member of the Serbian Parliament.

The President as most of us know, had triple bypass surgery in April and was recovering well, but on significant medication and his health was growing. Yet less than three weeks after that he was at the SportAccord Convention in Bangkok, his commitment to the ongoing development in our sport was inspirational. He ALWAYS put the sport first.

He was founder and president of the Serbian Kickboxing federation and brought the sport to this country. He was a WAKO IF board member and elected to the presidency of WAKO in 2015.

I, We on the board and you our members, have lost a very close and dear friend, somebody that had a passion and drive for life. He will be missed. Funeral arrangements will be
forwarded at a later date.

Respectfully Yours,
Roy Baker


Death of Prof. Borislav Pelevic - WAKO President (704 KB)


Senior European Championships (K-1, LK, KL) in Bratislava: Final results

Wako EC Slovakia 2018 300

It has been a week full of emotions. Take a look at all the reports and results.

The competitions at the WAKO Kickboxing European Championships 2018 for LK, K-1 and KL, held in Bratislava, have come to an end. On Sunday, October 21st 2018, all the delegations leave to return to their home countries.

You can find all reports and results in the download section on www.sportdata.org, and in particular here: https://www.sportdata.org/kickboxing/set-online/popup_main.php?popup_action=uploads&vernr=558&ver_info_action=info#a_eventhead


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WAKO Europe HQ

Marsala Birjuzova 50
(Mr Srdjan Bugarcic),
11050 Belgrade, Serbia.

Contact phone:
+381 11 4066528
+381 63 289 322


Acting president
Mr. Istvan Kiraly
+ 36 309 400 935

Mr Istvan Kiraly WAKO Europe Acting President

Srđan Bugarčić
+ 381 63 289 322
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WAKO Europe
Istvan Kiraly (HUN)
Salim Kayici (TUR)
Francesca Falsoni (ITA)
Yury Filimonov (RUS)
Nikolaus Gstattner (AUT)
Katarszyna Kocisewska (POL)
Olga Pavlenko (UKR)
Daimi Akin (NOR)
Romeo Desa (HRV)
Tomaz Barada (SVN)
Michaela Kovacova (SVK)
Michail Trantafillou (GRC)



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