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The Senior European Championships (K-1, LK, KL) in Bratislava is over

It has been a week full of emotions. Take a look at all the reports and results.

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The competitions at the WAKO Kickboxing European Championships 2018 for LK, K-1 and KL, held in Bratislava, have come to an end. On Sunday, October 21st 2018, all the delegations leave to return to their home countries.

You can find all reports and results in the download section on www.sportdata.org, and in particular HERE




Official Invitation to WAKO Senior EC in Point Fighting, Full Contact, Light Contact and Musical Forms

WAKO ec MARIbor 2018 425 

To: WAKO Europe members

Dear friends,

It is my pleasure and great honour to invite you to take part in WAKO European Championship in Point Fighting, Full Contact, Light Contact and Musical Forms which will be held in Maribor, Slovenia from 17th to 25th November, 2018.
Attached you can find Official Invitation with all important information about the Championship.
Official Invitation you can also find on both WAKO Europe and WAKO IF web pages.
According to WAKO rules and regulations the eligibility for the participation is reserved only to WAKO National Federation/Association members.
Please, read carefully all information and if you need any assistance don't hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to see you all in Maribor!

With best regards,

Mr. Roy Baker
WAKO Europe President


    Invitation letter (2 MB)
    WAKO Liability Waiver 2018 (315 KB)
    WAKO Medical Form 2018 (248 KB)
    WAKO Questionnaire 2018 (249 KB)


Senior European Championships in Bratislava: Oct 17th program

October 17th 2018 Fights

Wako EC Slovakia 2018 300

Dear Coaches,
Hereby the link for the fights of tomorrow.

https://www.sportdata.org/kickboxing/ausschreibungen/558/WAKO EC RUNNING ORDER Wednesday 17 October 2018.pdf

All fighters on the running order for the ring has to weigh in at 7:00.
For your convenience we have arranged the weigh in at three hotels:
1. Hotel Bratislava
2. Color
3. Nivy

Best regards,
Alexander Engelhardt
WAKO Organising Committee

SET Online Kickboxing https://www.sportdata.org/kickboxing



Bratislava: Senior European Championships (K-1, LK, KL)

Wako EC Slovakia 2018 425

The running order can be downloaded on Sportdata at the download page of the event.


Please pay attention that there will be some categories in fighters that have two fights on one day.

Also you can check on draw records the fight numbers for the whole event.

https://www.sportdata.org/kickboxing/ausschreibungen/558/WAKO_EC_2018_Bratislava_KL_LK_K1-Draws Records.pdf

The opening ceremony will at 10:00 and we ask all teams to be there with the whole team. From each country we will need 3 fighters to be participating in the opening ceremony.

Please be in the sportshall at 9:30.



Senior European Championships (K-1, LK, KL) in Bratislava (Slovakya)

bratislava 2018

Please look at the OFFICIAL PROGRAM of the coming week at the following link!

SET Online Kickboxing https://www.sportdata.org/kickboxing



WAKO Europe HQ

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Mr Istvan Kiraly WAKO Europe Acting President

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WAKO Europe
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