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WAKO-PRO titles in Jagodina (Serbia)

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On last Friday, April 11, Serbian kickboxing federation and promoter Mr. Dragan Markovic in city of Jagodina hosted Wako Pro event. This time we had two Wako Pro title bouts.

In front of 3.000 spectators in sport hall "JASSA" first title bout was European title defense in low kick division, 64.500 kg.

Defender of the title was Italian fighter Marco De Paolis and Challenger Serbian Champion and amateur WAKO World Chjampion from Guaruja last year Aleksandar Konovalov.

Bout started very aggressive from Aleksandar Konovalov and from the very begging there was only one fighter between the ropes. Champion has tried to stop Challenger with some strong low kicks but there was no stop for him that night. After the combination of punches and kicks Konovalov delivered round house kick to Champion's chin, thundering kick that destroyed De Paolis. All we could see in first half of opening round was brutal power of Konovalov. Referee in charge Zarko Vukovic from Serbia had only one solution, to count Champion out and to declare new Wako Pro European Champion in low kick, 64.500 kg Aleksandar Konovalov from Serbia.

Main event of the evening was Wako Pro World title bout in low kick division, 62.200 kg. This title was vacant since Champion from Italy Alessandro Riguccini had to give it away due to an eye injury.

For this title we had two fighters from the ranking list, Milos Anic, ranked as No.1 and Ramazan Cicek, ranked as No.3. That was also re match since Ramazan Cicek has defeated Milos Anic in final of World championships held last year in Gurauja.

In opening round we could see easy start from both fighters but with some more action from Milos Anic and this round was in his favor. Second one was better for Cicek and it was equal. At the end of the round Ramazan Cicek scored one solid punch with his right hand and Milos was in trouble. But it was the end of the round so it was like "saved by the bell".

Next two rounds were little bit more for Milos Anic and the last one was all or nothing for Ramazan Cicek. He has tried everything and he won the last round but it was not enough to win the title.

Judges scored:

Judge No1. Zarko Vukovic from Serbia 49:48 for Anic

Judge No2. Tomislav Novosel from Croatia 48:47 for Cicek

Judge No3. Aleksandr Babin from Russia 50:47 for Anic

Winer by split decision and new Wako Pro World Champion in low kick division, 62.200 kg is Milos Anic from Serbia. 

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 Image gallery from event

New day, new activities

In Sportaccord convention  in Turkey, 9th April was reserved for plenary session where Presidents, Secretary Generals and Executive Representatives from the 15 participating International Federations of Martial Arts and Combat Sports came together to review the key event data, media coverage and exposure of the 2nd edition of the World Combat Games, and to discuss strategic priorities for the next edition.
Aikido, Boxing, Fencing, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Karate, Kendo, Kickboxing, Muaythai, Sambo, Savate, Sumo, Taekwondo, Wrestling, and Wushu were on the same table to discuss latest sport programme which held in St. Petersburg, Russia.
According to the working atmosphere and statements full of satisfaction from Mr. Vlad Marinescu, SportAccord Director General, all participants expressed strong gathering feelings about working together on the same goal.

turska2014-photo1 small
Photo 1: Participants of the plenary session. Among them are:
Mr. Richard Leyer, WAKO vicepresident,Mr. Nasser Nassiri, WAKO vicepresident and President ofWAKO Asia, Mr. Espen Lund, Pro Tempore Acting President, Mr. Borislav Pelevic, WAKO vicepresident and President of WAKO Europe, Mr. Salim Kayici,WAKO  Board Member .

turska2014-photo2 small

Photo 2: From left to right:
-Mr. Nasser Nassiri, President of WAKO Asia and VP of WAKO IF, President of Iranian Kickboxing Federation
-Mr. Richard Leyrer, Member of Hungarian National Olympic Committee, VP of WAKO IF and President of Hungarian Kickboxing Federation
-Mr. Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee
-Mr. Salim Kayıcı, Executive Board Member of WAKO IF, VP of WAKO Europe and President of Turkish Kickboxing Federation
-Mr. Borislav Pelevic, VP of WAKO IF and President of WAKO Europe, President of Serbian Kickboxing Federation
-Mr. Buğra Erdem, Member of Turkish Kickboxing Federation

 turska-2014-delegacija-WAKO-sa-predsednikom-sportakorda small


WAKO officials with Sportaccord President:
from left to right:
- Mr. Borislav Pelevic,WAKO Europe President, WAKO IF  vicepresident
- Mr. Nasser Nassiri, WAKO Asia President, WAKO IF vicepresident
- Mr. Marius Vizer, Sportaccord President
- Mr. Salim Kayici, Executive Board Member of WAKO IF, vicepresident of WAKO Europe
- Mr. Espen Lund, WAKO IF Pro Tempore Acting President

Prime minister wears gloves!

turski premijer small

President of Turkish Kickboxing Fedeation, member of the executive board of WAKO IF and the vice president of WAKO Europe, Mr. Salim Kayıcı was with the prime minister of Republic of Turkey, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Mr. Erdoğan was kind enough to put on the kickboxing gloves, after Mr. Kayıcı's request.

After the ironic photo, which was taken during Mr. Erdoğan's party's municipal election campaign, Mr. Salim Kayıcı presented the prime minister the official tracksuit of Turkish National Kickboxing team with national athlete Ramazan Çiçek, 2013 World Champion in the discipline of low kick.

turski premijer2 small

Great job for WAKO done in Turkey

Kickboxing has been elected as a member association of the International World Games Association (IWGA) following a vote at the general annual meeting.

WORLD-GamesWith all 36 member associations present at the meeting, the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO) received 26 votes to become officially recognised as a member of IWGA.

The International Pentathlon Union (UIPM) and International Wushu Federation Amateur (IWUF), who also applied for membership, failed to receive the necessary number of votes to gain acceptance as an IWGA member federation at this meeting held in conjunction with the SportAccord International Convention.

Although an official member federation, WAKO does not gain automatic qualification onto the World Games sports programme . We need to apply for full inclusion on this programme.

But, good job have been already done because WAKO will be a part of the invitational programme in the next Games in Worclaw in 2017.

Next step in WAKO is to to strengthen our application to be an official sport inside the programme at the next Games and to apply for the IOC recognition.

Next edition of the World Games will take place in Wroclaw, Poland, 2017.

Here is link to the page

SportAccord convention


SportAccord Convention is a 6-day annual gathering of over 2500 leading representatives from international sport. It encompasses the Congress and General Assemblies of three associations whose members consist of 108 International Sports Federations (IFs) and  Associate Members.

SportAccord Convention provides the global sports community with an unrivalled opportunity to gather in an exclusive networking environment, to build relationships, expand horizons and broaden sport’s collective endeavours.

SportAccord Convention receives the full support of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), who organises the IOC Executive Board spring meeting at each Convention. In addition to its Executive Board Meeting, the IOC also holds its annual joint meetings with SportAccord, ASOIF and AIOWF.

Mission and Vision

SportAccord Convention is the world's premier annual event at the service of sport, focused on driving positive change internationally, and dedicated to engaging rights holders, organising committees, cities, businesses and other organisations in the development of sport. 

Specifically, SportAccord Convention Assists:

- Developing Nations speak with sporting leaders to discuss the development of sporting programmes in their country. 

- Developed Nations meet International Federations to offer hosting solutions for their events.

- Businesses and service providers to world sport access International Federations and Organising Committees to discuss and agree current and potential working partnerships.  

- International Federations hold ad hoc meetings with the wider sports business community.

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