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Golden Glove 2018 report

The 13th edition of the Golden Glove - an international event and a must for local kickboxing lovers - was held on January 20th and 21th in the new Zoppas Arena, near the city of Conegliano.

The Arena housed 8 squares and a giant screen that projected images from the previous editions, and staged numerous competing fighters - about 85 clubs and 1000 entries - the half of which were international athletes from a dozen of foreign countries.

Golden Glove 2018 425

The Wako Europe Cup Golden Glove 2018 - an event supported by the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations - was arranged by the Europe Center One club in association with the Venetian Regional Committee of FIKBMS - the Italian Federation - and with the help of ZenShin, an association from Mareno di Piave.

The competitions started on Saturday with 15 K1 matches, a style that was staged for the first time in this Europe Cup. The day continued with the Light Contact and the KickLight divisions, and with the Tag Team in the evening. Sunday was dedicated to the individual Point Fighting, to the amazing Grand Championship, and the TopTen Kombat Zone tournament shows.

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The opening ceremony stirred deep emotions, with the drums and the flag-wavers of the association "Dama Castellana" (Lady of the Castle), who preceded the entry of referees and children holding the signs of the participating nations (Italy, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Holland, Slovenia, Ukraine, United Kingdom). The President of FIKBMS, Donato Milano, proudly expressed the importance of pairing culture and sport: “When sport is combined with culture and tradition, success is assured, as Italy has a history that must be remembered, and sport is part of it”.

What a show is this Golden Glove! - the promoter of the event Raffaele Di Paolo said enthusiastically - year after year it is growing in numbers, awards, quality and number of styles. The amazing staffs involved have excellently managed the registrations, allowing to carry out the competition within the scheduled time, thus providing serenity and concentration to fighters and coaches!”

The TopTen Kombat Zone, a competition at the highest level, saw the knockout of top fighters from all over Europe. After an exciting performance, the Italian fighters Riccardo Albanese (Fire Generation Team) and Martina Rossi (HMD Italy Team) won the belt, the original handmade Murano glass trophy, and the cash prize.

The Men Grand Championship was also amazing and displayed a podium dominated by the Hungarian Kiraly Team - composed by the Veres brothers (Richard and Roland) - the Slovenian athlete Kolander Tadei, and Riccardo Albanese (third place).

Italy won the highest place of the podium in the Women Grand Championship thanks to Martina Rossi (HMD Italia Team), and the third place with Deborah De Vita (KBA Team).

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At the end of these two days of amazing challenges, the President of the Europe Center One club, Luca Terrin, proud of his staff, told us: "We are already devising new ideas for the next year. This competition is constantly growing and we are confident that the National Federation is keeping an eye on an event that for years has been attracting to Italy formidable top fighters. Meeting high level athletes and coaches help us improve, and I would like to thank all teams and referees for their contribute, and our main sponsor, TOP TEN Italia, that provided the equipment to set up a wonderful arena and gifted each winner with a beautiful pair of gloves”.

The competition was sponsored by CONI (the Italian Olympic Committee) of Veneto, the Province of Treviso and the Municipality of Conegliano. The next edition of the Wako European Cup Golden Glove 2019, is already in progress.

All results can be found on www.sportdata.org

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Ms. Sarel De Jong (The Netherlands), WAKO candidate as The World Games Athlete of the Year 2017 - VOTE NOW!

WAKO is very proud to announce that Ms. SAREL DE JONG (The Netherlands) has been proposed as candidate to be awarded as The World Games Athlete of the Year 2017.


She was the winner in K-1 (-65 kg) and on her hard way to the gold medal during the World Games 2017 held in Wroclaw, Poland, on last July, she defeated the following strong champions:

1. Ms. Cristina Caruso from Italy - WAKO European Champion
2. Ms. Keitlin Young from USA - WAKO Pan American Champion
3. Ms. Teodora Manic from Serbia - WAKO World Champion

Sarel De Jong was chosen as candidate for her great energy, perseverance and passion supported by the enthusiasm of the Netherlands team during the World Games, which was really unforgettable, especially after her final fight.

Please look here at the video that was prepared by the WAKO Media Committee to submit officially her nomination!

athlete of the year 2017



The online voting platform is now open on IWGA website from 1st January 2018!

It is also posssible to vote on the IWGA Facebook Channel, Instagram and Twitter Account: https://www.facebook.com/iwga.theworldgames/videos/1699903870079059/


Through these networks it is possible to share and encourage everybody in WAKO to support our candidate SAREL DE JONG!

The first round of voting will close on 15th January, and will determine the top nine finalists.

The final round of voting will start on 16th January, and last until 31st January 2018.

The winner will be announced on 1st February 2018.

Please participate, VOTE and help us to support Sarel!

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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to you, for those that don't celebrate Christmas's,  I hope you will surround yourself with loved ones and family.  I wish you all a glorious year ahead.

As we are about to enter another year, I wish that we collectively work with more dedication, more commitment, more loyalty to each other, to enjoy more our growth and the success that will come our way.
May we achieve our goals and are blessed with prosperity.  Never quit the game.  Never feel disheartened on failures. 
WE have the power to make it happen and I  believe in WAKO Europe and WAKO. God bless you all and never forget, #onewako #onechampion
Roy Baker
President WAKO Europe
Vice President WAKO

Turkis Referees and Coaches educative seminar

Turkis Referees and Coaches 1

Turkis Referees and Coaches educative seminar was held in Antalya between 7-10 December. Coach and referee  development seminar had nearly a thousand referees and coaches from 81 provinces participating. WAKO Europe President Roy Baker, WAKO IF Referees Committee Chairman Brian Beck, WAKO Europe Referees Committee  Chairman Sami Savo and WAKO Europe Board Member Tomaz Barada gave seminar about rules and regulations of kickboxing. Besides, Sports General Directorate Sports Organization Department Manager Şevket Özerdem gave a  seminar on registration, license and clubs. The seminars were conducted very successfuly.

Turkis Referees and Coaches 2   Turkis Referees and Coaches 3

Turkis Referees and Coaches 4

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Turkis Referees and Coaches 6

Turkis Referees and Coaches 7   Turkis Referees and Coaches 8

Turkis Referees and Coaches 9   Turkis Referees and Coaches 10


Another huge success for WAKO Europe on international level. After several meetings and a few months of preparation WAKO Europe has finally signed Memorandum of Understanding with European University Sports Association (EUSA).

pospisivanje ugovora beograd 1

This important event took place in Belgrade on Saturday, November 25th, 2017.

On this occasion representatives of EUSA have been in official visit of Serbian Sports Fair which was held during last weekend in Belgrade.

pospisivanje ugovora beograd 2

By signing Memorandum of Understanding between WAKO Europe and EUSA kickboxing will be officilay included in EUSA sport programme. First chance to present kickboxing inside of EUSA sport programme WAKO Europe will have in Zagreb, Croatia in July 2019 where we will join Karate, Judo and Taekwondo in European Universities Championships for combat sports.

pospisivanje ugovora beograd 3

Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Mr. Adam Roczek, EUSA President and Mr. Roy Baker, WAKO Europe President in the presence of Mr. Borislav Pelevic, WAKO President and EUSA representatives including EUSA Vice President Mr. Haris Pavletic, Secretary General Mr. Matjaz Pecovnik, EUSA Sport Director, Mr. Besim Aliti.

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Both Presidents have expressed their satisfaction with signing this important document which will bring only benefit for all sides in future cooperation.

We had a big pleasure to have Serbian Minister of Sport and Youth, Mr. Vanja Udovicic, who has attended signing of Memorandum of Understanding. Mr. Vanja Udovicic congratulated both Presidents on the future cooperation and thanked them for visiting Belgrade Sports Fair, important event for Serbian sport.

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