Yangame´s Fight Night report, Prague (Czech Rep.) 31/07

by Petr Kares (Vice-president of WAKO PRO Czech Republic)


Yangame´s Fight Night was held on  July 31st, 2014, in the open air at a city beach of Prague.

Main event was WAKO-PRO World title bout in K1 rules, at+94.100 between Petr Vondracek (Czech Rep.) and Nicolas Vermont  (France). 

Apart this  title bout promoters arranged Heavyweight professional tournament - feautured from 8 fighters and 2 more superfights in front of 1.500 spectators.

As regards title fight Petr Vondracek won by K.O. in 2nd round after sequence of punches. Petr and Nicolas were almost equal after first round. Petr went on the offensive in beginning of second round and after two knees and highkick Nicolas wasn´t able to get up untill eight.

Neutral judges were Yuri Lahktikov (Estonia) and Marco Pacor, from Italy under the supervision of Michaela Kovacova (Slovakya).

Here below you can find link with all important moments of the event:


(from 93 to 113 is only title fight)