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Former Serbian basketball player and the youngest NBA star, changed basketball for the gloves.

   For the WAKO PRO 24th of September was important date because Darko Milicic, former Serbian famous basketball player and NBA Star, signed a Contract with WAKO PRO and became official promoter WAKO PRO in Serbia.

   In Falkensteiner Hotel in Belgrade, the hall was too small to find a place for number of journalists  on the Press conference where, besides Darko Milicic, were also Nenad Pagonis, former WAKO PRO World champion and one of the best competitors ever in WAKO and WAKO PRO history, Barbara Falsoni, WAKO PRO Director, Borislav Pelevic, WAKO Europe President and WAKO IF Vice president, Srdjan Bugarcic, WAKO PRO Technical supervisor and Darko Popivoda, General director of “Mega  promotion system”, company which was in charge of all event.

Press-conference450px                                                                     Photo 1. Press conference

Milicic started his professional basketball career at the age of 16 with the Serbian team Hemofarm from Vrsac where he stayed for two seasons until the 2003 NBA Draft. He was the youngest NBA professional basketball player ever and was drafted by Detroit Pistons as pick No. 2 on that year. Next year he took NBA Championship with Detroit Pistons. This  2,14 m tall and 125 kg  weight  sportsman decided to start  professional kickboxing after humanitarian event Nenad Pagonis organized to help little girl Nadja to overcome cancer, where he bought Nenad’s WAKO PRO World title belt . On that occasion, Pagonis said to him: “Now you bought it, try to earn it in the ring!” These words were a challenge to Darko Milicic, who just finished his professional basketball career.

   Barbara Falsoni greeted Darko and stressed that with Serbia, WAKO PRO always had great cooperation. “I would like to wish all the best to Darko Milicic in his new sport”, said Barbara Falsoni.

Signing-the-contract450                                          Photo 2: Signing the contract: Darko Milicic and Barbara Falsoni

   Milicic is already training kickboxing for one year, but he didn’t decided yet discipline in which  he will take his first chance and have his kickboxing debut. But, K-1 is his favorite. About the advantages that Darko Milicic has in kickboxing Nenad Pagonis said: “Undefeatable high, incredible length when he spread his arms, when he gets his knee high up there will be no chance to opponent to continue. K-1 is definitely his discipline.”

This is major step for promotion of WAKO PRO and its activities. Concerning Darko Milicic we wish him only the best in this new challenge.

By Marijana Pelević
Photos by: Marijana Pelević


Nenad Pagonis reached an award concerning his contribution to kickboxing


   Nenad Pagonis was awarded with special acknowledge for his contribution  developing kickboxing in the world. Not only with high results, but also with his personal values. This award he received from Borislav Pelevic, Serbian WAKO President, WAKO Europe President and WAKO IF  Vice president.

Awarding-ceremony-450                        Photo 1. Awarding ceremony: Borislav Pelevic and Nenad Pagonis

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