WAKO Pro World Title in Low Kick -56,00 KG

Polish Fighter Iwona NIERODA Defended Her WAKO Pro World Title in Low Kick -56,00 KG

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WAKO Pro Female World Title figh in Low Kick -56,00 KG took place on 17th of December 2014 at Atatürk Sports Hall, Eskişehir, Turkey. In the fight, Polish fighter Iwona NERODA fought against Turkish fighter Seda Duygu EKİCİ,former WAKO World Champion, to defend her title. Seda Duygu EKICI, who is also known as “Anatolian Tiger”, , is locally very famous and the sports hall was full of her supporters during the fight. After a though fight of 5 rounds, Iwona managed to be slightly ahead of her opponent and won the fight with 2-1 result. The fight had live broadcast on a Turkish national tv channel called Beyaz TV.

Photos from the event: