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WGP #22 announces card with four WAKO PRO Brazilian title fights

WGP #22 announces card with four WAKO PRO Brazilian title fights


SAO PAULO, SP – WGP Kickboxing, through the Brazilian kickboxing Confederation, announced the full card of its 22th edition, which will be held on September 27th, in Sao Paulo. The event will count with four WAKO PRO Brazilian title bouts in Low Kicks at 66.800 kg, 69.100 kg, 85 kg and 94.100 kg.

In addition to the WAKO PRO Brazilian title bouts, WGP #22 will present a one night, four man, winner takes all tournament to determine the new champion of WGP Kickboxing at 60 kg. The Argentinian Ignacio Capllonch, champion of the Kickboxing World Cup Brazil Stage 2014, will join the Brazilians Rafael “Spin” Araújo, Rafael “Coruja” Xavier and Paulo Tebar in a dispute for the WGP Kickboxing belt at 60kg.

WGP#22 will be broadcasted live via streaming at WGP Kickboxing website:http://wgpkickboxing.com.br/live-streaming.php.

Fight 1
Low Kicks (58.200 kg)
Bruno Cerutti vs Felipe Gheno

Fight 2
K1 Rules (71.800 kg)
Fabiano “Mineiro” Silva vs Marcelo Dionisio

Fight 3 – WAKO PRO Brazilian Title
Low Kicks (66.800 kg)
Valmir Theiss vs Édipo Herbert Lima

Main Card
Fight 1 – Semifinal GP
K1 Rules (60 kg)
Ignacio Capllonch (ARG) vs Rafael “Spin” Araújo (BRA)

Fight 2 – Semifinal GP
K1 Rules (60 kg)
Rafael “Coruja” Xavier vs Paulo Tebar

Fight 3 – WAKO PRO Brazilian Title
Low Kicks (69.100 kg)
Wellington Tom vs Bruno Gazani

Fight 4 – WAKO PRO Brazilian Title
Low Kicks (94.100 kg)
Wallyson “Maguila” Carvalho vs Felipe Micheletti

Fight 5 – WAKO PRO Brazilian Title
Low Kicks (85 kg)
Francisco Araújo vs Cesar Almeida

Fight 6 – Final GP
K1 Rules (60 kg)
Winner Fight 1 x Winner Fight 2

Fight 7
K1 Rules (85 kg)
Robert Thomas (CAN) x Alex “Po Atan” Pereira (BRA)

WGP #22
Date: 27­th September
Hour: 6 p.m. (GMT)
Local: Clube Atlético Ypiranga. 415, Manifesto St. – Ipiranga – São Paulo/SP.

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Former Serbian basketball player and the youngest NBA star, changed basketball for the gloves.

   For the WAKO PRO 24th of September was important date because Darko Milicic, former Serbian famous basketball player and NBA Star, signed a Contract with WAKO PRO and became official promoter WAKO PRO in Serbia.

   In Falkensteiner Hotel in Belgrade, the hall was too small to find a place for number of journalists  on the Press conference where, besides Darko Milicic, were also Nenad Pagonis, former WAKO PRO World champion and one of the best competitors ever in WAKO and WAKO PRO history, Barbara Falsoni, WAKO PRO Director, Borislav Pelevic, WAKO Europe President and WAKO IF Vice president, Srdjan Bugarcic, WAKO PRO Technical supervisor and Darko Popivoda, General director of “Mega  promotion system”, company which was in charge of all event.

Press-conference450px                                                                     Photo 1. Press conference

Milicic started his professional basketball career at the age of 16 with the Serbian team Hemofarm from Vrsac where he stayed for two seasons until the 2003 NBA Draft. He was the youngest NBA professional basketball player ever and was drafted by Detroit Pistons as pick No. 2 on that year. Next year he took NBA Championship with Detroit Pistons. This  2,14 m tall and 125 kg  weight  sportsman decided to start  professional kickboxing after humanitarian event Nenad Pagonis organized to help little girl Nadja to overcome cancer, where he bought Nenad’s WAKO PRO World title belt . On that occasion, Pagonis said to him: “Now you bought it, try to earn it in the ring!” These words were a challenge to Darko Milicic, who just finished his professional basketball career.

   Barbara Falsoni greeted Darko and stressed that with Serbia, WAKO PRO always had great cooperation. “I would like to wish all the best to Darko Milicic in his new sport”, said Barbara Falsoni.

Signing-the-contract450                                          Photo 2: Signing the contract: Darko Milicic and Barbara Falsoni

   Milicic is already training kickboxing for one year, but he didn’t decided yet discipline in which  he will take his first chance and have his kickboxing debut. But, K-1 is his favorite. About the advantages that Darko Milicic has in kickboxing Nenad Pagonis said: “Undefeatable high, incredible length when he spread his arms, when he gets his knee high up there will be no chance to opponent to continue. K-1 is definitely his discipline.”

This is major step for promotion of WAKO PRO and its activities. Concerning Darko Milicic we wish him only the best in this new challenge.

By Marijana Pelević
Photos by: Marijana Pelević


Nenad Pagonis reached an award concerning his contribution to kickboxing


   Nenad Pagonis was awarded with special acknowledge for his contribution  developing kickboxing in the world. Not only with high results, but also with his personal values. This award he received from Borislav Pelevic, Serbian WAKO President, WAKO Europe President and WAKO IF  Vice president.

Awarding-ceremony-450                        Photo 1. Awarding ceremony: Borislav Pelevic and Nenad Pagonis

Ivani Ferreira (Brasil) new World Champion LK Kg -54,00

Ivani Ferreira (Brasil) new World Champion LK Kg -54,00, Libreville (Gabon) 26/07


SAO PAULO, SP – Experienced Brazilian kickboxer Ivani Ferreira defeated tEdou Pelagie, from Gabon, who the previous title holder and became the first South American woman to win this title in the history of kickboxing. 

The fight was held in Libreville, capital of Gabon, on July 26th during the Boudha Boxing Show and counted with the presence of many personalities from the local government and from the Brazilian consulate in Gabon.

Since the beginning, the Brazilian contender imposed herself facing the champion using some great combinations of kicks and punches. Ivani kept the pace until the 3rd round when she knocked down her opponent with a high kick in the head making the referee start counting. 

In the two last rounds, Ivani Ferreira just controlled the fight to win all the 5 rounds by unanimous decision (44-­‐50 / 45-­‐50 / 45-­‐50). The WAKO PRO World Title is the most important achievement in her 17 years long career. Before that, Ivani won the Brazilian Title, South American Title and Brazilian Cup Title.



Rafael Del Toro (SPA) new WAKO-PRO European champion K1 Kg 69,100

WAKO-PRO European title bout in K1 style at Kg 69,100 was held in Las Palmas, Canarias (Spain) on July 26th, 2014 between DIEGO VAZQUEZ (SPA) and RAFA DEL TORO (SPA).

Winner: RAFAEL DEL TORO by unanimous decision.




WGP #21: Ravy Brunow is the new WAKO PRO Pan American champion


SAO PAULO, SP – Brazilian kickboxer Ravy Brunow defeated Alexander Salcedo, from Venezuela, in WGP #21 main event.
As expected, the WGP #21 main event, an international title fight for the WAKO Pan American belt (69,100 kg), finished before it`s five rounds. One of the best Brazilians kickboxers in his weight division, Ravy Brunow made his technique and aggressivity count to win the fight by TKO in the third round and to become the new WAKO PRO Pan American champion at 69,100 kg.

Aware of Alexander Salcedo`s boxing skills, the Brazilian fighter used his powerful low kicks since the beginning of the bout causing two knockdowns in the first two rounds. Really focused, Ravy kept the pace in the third round landing several low kicks in Salcedo`s left leg causing another knockdown, but this time the Venezuelan fighter couldn’t return to the fight.

In addition to the main event, WGP #21 also featured a one night, winner takes all tournament to determine the new champion of WGP Kickboxing at 78 kg. After two fights, the experienced Brazilian kickboxer Thiago Michel confirmed the expectations and won the WGP Kickboxing championship belt.

The WGP #21 was supported by the Sports Office of Sao Paulo`s City Hall.

Results WGP #21

Under Card

Fight 1

K1 Rules (62,200 Kg)

Hector Santiago defeated Leandro Rodrigues by unanimous decision

Fight 2

K1 Rules (85 kg)

Wallyson “Maguila” Carvalho defeated Fernando Almeida by unanimous decision

Fight 3

K1 Rules (60 kg)

Fabio Lopes defeated Witer Xavier by split decision.

Main Card

Fight 1  – Semifinal GP

K1 Rules (78 kg)

Thiago Michel defeated Diego Sebastião by unanimous decision

Fight 2  – Semifinal GP

K1 Rules (78 kg)

Inaftali Gomes defeated Ruan Ferreira by unanimous decision

Fight 3

K1 Rules (+ 70 kg)

Barbara Nepomuceno defeated Camila Guimarães by unanimous decision

Fight 4

K1 Rules (85 kg)

Rafael “Kratos” defeated Clei Silva by unanimous decision

Fight 5

K1 Rules (64,5 kg)

Vinicius Beretta defeated Ricardo Silva by split decision

Fight 6  – WAKO PRO Pan American Title

K1 Rules (69,100 kg)

Ravy Brunow (BRA) defeated Alexander Salcedo by TKO (3rd round)

Fight 7  – Final GP

K1 Rules (78 kg)

Thiago Michel defeated Inaftali Gomes by unanimous decision.



Dzevad Poturak (BiH), new LK World champion Kg +94,00

On last Friday, August 15, 2014 a WAKO PRO World title bout in low kick, + 94 kg was promoted in Zenica, a small city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Event was held in Zenica Arena, beautiful sport center in front of 3.000 spectators. Champion, Abderhmane Coulibaly from France came to Zenica only with one goal, to defend his title. He knew that it would have been very hard since he had to face Dzevad Poturak, very famous and fighter with great experience from Bosnia. Dzevad Poturak, during his long carrier fought with many K1 superstars and, on last K1 WGP final held in Zagreb he lost in semi final against Ismael Londt.
Fight started slowly with couple of good low kicks from Poturak. 


Coulibaly tried to keep distance and to avoid close fighting with very strong Poturak. Poturak was more aggressive and he reached Champion with couple of solid body shots. Champion found the way to keep the distance and he was very good with long distance punches. Couple of them reached Poturak's head and stopped him. Almost at the end of first round high kick came out of nowhere and made small cut on Poturak's head.

From the start of second round Poturak decided to go forward to try to bring the fight in close distance. In one of these exchanges of punches he made a solid overhand with his right hand and this punch stopped Champion and slowed him down. Another one came just after couple of seconds. Champion tried to move and keep Poturak on distance but in the second half of round Poturak cut the distance and another punch came like a bomb to Champion's head. That was the end. Coulibaly was frozen in the air and he felt down on his back. Referee could only count him off and call for medical assistance...
Winner by K.O. in the second round and new WAKO PRO Champion in low kick, +94 kg is Dzevad Poturak from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Neutral Judges: Marco Pacor (Italy) and Zoran Simurina (Serbia)
Judge: Emir Tarahija (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Referee: Ismail Bosnjak (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Supervisor: Srdjan Bugarcic

Here is the link with K.O



Deucelio Rodrigues (Brazil) new World champion K1 Kg -56,400

Deucelio Rodrigues, Brazil, is the new WAKO-PRO world champion in K1 style Kg -56,400.


Guarapuava, Paraná, has lately hosted the world title in the K1 category up to 56.4kg between the Brazilian Deucelio Roidrigues and the American Albert Tapia.

Deucelio, at 43 years old, showed great physical and technical preparation and a mental concentration above average, giving no chance to the dangerous fighter Tapia, representative of the strong Kick International WAKO USA, winning by KO in the 3rd round. 

The American came to Brazil accompanied by prof. Chip Post, representative of WAKO Pro in the USA. The Brazilian makes history as the first athlete in the Americas to win 4 world titles in different modalities and categories, an unforgettable personal achievement for sure, congratulations!



Yangame´s Fight Night report, Prague (Czech Rep.) 31/07

by Petr Kares (Vice-president of WAKO PRO Czech Republic)


Yangame´s Fight Night was held on  July 31st, 2014, in the open air at a city beach of Prague.

Main event was WAKO-PRO World title bout in K1 rules, at+94.100 between Petr Vondracek (Czech Rep.) and Nicolas Vermont  (France). 

Apart this  title bout promoters arranged Heavyweight professional tournament - feautured from 8 fighters and 2 more superfights in front of 1.500 spectators.

As regards title fight Petr Vondracek won by K.O. in 2nd round after sequence of punches. Petr and Nicolas were almost equal after first round. Petr went on the offensive in beginning of second round and after two knees and highkick Nicolas wasn´t able to get up untill eight.

Neutral judges were Yuri Lahktikov (Estonia) and Marco Pacor, from Italy under the supervision of Michaela Kovacova (Slovakya).

Here below you can find link with all important moments of the event:


(from 93 to 113 is only title fight)





On June 17th, a the prestigious fight for the WAKO-PRO World title in K-1 at Kg 65.8 was held in Bishkek between Alexey Fedoseev (Kyrgyzstan) and Emerson Falcao (Brazil)
The event was organized by Nasser Nassiri, WAKO Vice President and President of WAKO ASIA and Alexandre Voinov, President of WAKO Kyrgyzstan at the highest level, with a great opening show and the participation of various international and national celebrities.
The famous Russian showman Alexei Zagorski was in charge for announcement of the event.
The fight was run on five rounds of three minutes. 
Opening for the audience was made by famous dancer Jean Warriors, and beautiful girls with glowing fluorescent sticks playing drums.



Before the fight traditional anthems of the two respective origin countries of the athletes were performed. The fight was judged by international referees: Roberto Fragale from Italy; Jeong Eun Choen from South Korea, as well as Mamytov Akerov Nurlan Baykulov from CIS countries with two control judges from WAKO ASIA at official table.

During the first round the Brazilian missed a few punches to the head of Fedoseev. The second round was more active. Both fighters tried to score maximum points.

"I feel this fight will end by knockout in the third round and, of course, by Alex" - one of the adjacent photographers predicted.

However, this did not happen.

On third round Fedoseev seemed tired and defended more, although at times he  passed on counter attack. Fedoseev tried not to let the opponent come too much close. At the same time he was able to hold a series of strikes and most importantly  to hit the Brazilian.

During the fight, fans actively supported Fedoseev chorus calling  his name. They were joined by some photographers and journalists, from time to time shouting: "Alex, come on!"

In the fourth round the fight was dominated by Fedoseev, departing from the blows of the Brazilian fighter around the ring. He fought a battle effortlessly, without forgetting about the attack, beginning a series of blows to the head and ended with a kick.

In the final three-minutes Fedoseev was already less active in the fight. The Kyrgyzstan fighter basically was defending from opponent. In the second half of the last round Brazilian noticed opponent was becoming weaker, repeatedly hitting Fedoseev’s knee area. Until the end of the round he continued to aim to his knee but, fortunately for Fedoseev, it was the last round.
At the end Fedoseev was announced winner by unanimous decision.

The belt of the World Champion was awarded to Fedoseev  by the President of the National Olympic Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic Murat Saralinov and Nasser Nassiri, Vice President of WAKO and President of WAKO ASIA.

Fedoseev thanked all fans for their support and declared: "I dedicate this victory to Kyrgyzstan",

Fedoseev added: it was one of the toughest fights of my career, and  the most difficult for the fact to fight at home but I really wanted to win the title here in our homeland.



Aleksey Fedoseev (Kyrgyzstan) Won Against Emerson Falcão (Brazil) and Got the WAKO PRO K1 World Title

On 17 June 2014, Aleksey Fedoseev (23 Victories-1-Losses-11 KO) won against Emerson Falcão, one of the best Brazilian fighters  (39 Victories-7-Losses-10 KO) and got the WAKO PRO World Title K1 Welterweight -66,800kg.



During the first three rounds the Kyrgyz athlete clearly in the lead, actively attacking the opponent.  To 4-round Alexey became tired and Emerson Falcão attacked more but still, during the final round, Fedoseev survived with dignity and managed to win the fight and the title. Unanimous decision of the international judges on the basis of five rounds, was for victory of Alexey Fedoseev.

 After the fight Aleksey Fedoseev said “Thanks to everyone who supported me.  I dedicate this victory to Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyz people around!  Our strength lies in unity “- said the now world champion Alexei Fedoseev.

Brazilian Fighter Emerson Falcão commented on Facebook after the fight and said “My best was not enough to win the WAKO PRO World Title against Aleksey Fedosev, I plotted a strategy that did not work out the guy was different than what I expected, I received a few hard knocks in the first and second, didn’t hit very well distance, from the third I managed to change the strategy, began to pierce the knee, he started talking and beginning to run, but not sat down and I couldn’t hit, I lost the first 3 rounds, 3rd was even and I won the last two rounds finished hunting and hitting, but he was better than me tonight scored more with less severity and deserved the victory. I think those who are already up there and has gone through this knows what I’m now feeling a pain much worse than the knocks I took, without the belt so much that I wanted, but still honored to have done my job as best I could, it was a crazy experience it these days in Kyrgyzstan.’ll train harder, more mature and with this defeat that surely will be important to my development. thanks for the support everyone, so get the link put the fight, ja ja to in Brazil to review family and friends licking their wounds, rest and continue the walk. The war continues!“



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